Zazzeri | ADI Design Index for the handheld shower JK21

The handheld shower JK21 by Zazzeri has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2020

Zazzeri is pleased to announce that the innovative JK21 handheld shower has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2020. Designed by the Architect Fabrizio Batoni, this cutting edge piece of the collection will be on display at the ADI Design Museum in Milan from 3 June until 20 June 2021 and at the Aquarium of Rome from 28 June to 2 July 2021.

ADI Design Index publishes the best of the Italian design, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory, composed of about 150 members. This is the first step in the path of awarding the Compasso d’Oro Award 2022.

Through the ADI Design Index Exhibition Route and its stages in Milan and Rome, the JK21 small showers will be exhibited and freely visible to both public and institutions.



JK21 is an iconic, extremely versatile, refined and technologically advanced collection which shows many of the values that Zazzeri has built during its 90-year-old activity. It is an innovative project that only a company which has a long and rich history behind it could conceive and carry out by modelling its style up to a dizzying effect.

The collection presents two typologies of small showers, one with a handle and a handheld one, both of them with a design which recalls, as for the handle, the shape of the delivery nozzle of mixer taps of washbasins and bidet; the small shower, instead, recalls the “capital” shape of levers.



Innovative features

The materical contaminations identify JK21 as an extremely original and functional collection, that  perfectly fits with any kind of environment. The “capital” line of the handle and the prismatic shape of the delivery nozzle, which reminds an upside-down “Z”, characterize each element of this collection, from the numerous typologies of taps to the several versions of showers. The handheld shower installed on a special arm becomes an innovative shower head solution with “pull-out” hand shower.


The choice of the material reveals the modern technological soul of JK21: this time stainless steel AISI 316L is employed challenging the intrinsic difficulties of its making because it is applied to sinuous, prismatic, smooth and definite forms without, at the same time, giving up the accurate, essential and simple style only this material is able to achieve by means of cold mechanical processing.


Laser cutting of steel sheet, high precision laser welding, mechanical turning.


Both the small showers are bicolour since for the side of the nozzles they have a cover which is still in Carbon (pvd) finishing, while the remaining part of the top takes the finishing you choose out of the 7 available ones: Acciaio spazzolato, Carbon, Antracite, Bronzorame, Rame, Cognac e Orobianco.



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