Bronzetto presents HORTUS, where Nature is the protagonist

In the Eclectic collection coming from the Brass Brothers & Co. line by Bronzetto, nature is the main source of inspiration. Small tables and lamps rest on bamboo or wild-rose stems. Owls, tortoise carapaces, horns, snakes and herons are the protagonists of table and wall lamps, recalling fascinating exotic swamps.

Brass is processed artisanally to create irregular surfaces and uneven finishes that reflect the imperfect uniqueness of the Nature‘s various elements. Thus stems covered with bark and thorns become actual structures and arms for the table lamps. The bare branches and ripe autumn fruits of the carob are the protagonists of the homonymous chandelier and the wall lamp.


Hortus – Refined Elegance


bronze lamps
HORTUS03 Heliconia leave wall light and HORTUS01 table lamp-vase with Lemongrass leaves tuft

Sensuality and a sophisticated elegance characterize the eclectic shapes of this line. The Eclectic collection embraces the exotic taste, paying the utmost attention to the luxury details of a modern jungle-themed atmospheres. Therefore the result is a set of unique artefacts mirroring Nature through the most natural version of brass and the most daring and advanced manufacturings. New-born of this collection is HORTUS, the lamps line conceived by the designer Cecilia Pantaleo.

“The HORTUS project was born when I discovered that inserting plants, even large ones, in an interior project gives a particular vital force to the space”. Many cities have very limited outdoor space and gardens. Therefore no wonder more and more people aim to surround themselves with numerous indoor plants to create “the nature effect”.

The line takes inspiration from the leaves of Heliconia, Monstera, Palm and Lemongrass. Greenery tight in a brass spiral that is the only precious ornament – but recalls the binding of a flowers and leaves bouquet – creates wall lamps that reproduce real luminous plants.

“Not having a green thumb and hating fake plants”, explains Cecilia Pantaleo, “I got the idea of taking back the concept of the trendy 70s lamps. Typical features of those bronze or glass lights were the unrealistic leaves, flowers and colours. But those characteristics didn’t fit with my purpose of giving life and light to the environment with some item that could really add a touch of “green nature” to the artifice of electricity. From the idea to the prototypes, the step was not so short as I struggled to find someone who had the ability and the tools to realize my project. During this journey I met Simone and Michelangelo, respectively General Manager and Special Projects Director of Bronzetto, who immediately supported me. Enthusiastically we started this extraordinary collaboration creating new beautiful lamps and objects that found their natural place in the Eclectic collection by Brass Brothers & Co.

bronze lamp
Wall lamp HORTUS02 with Lemongrass leaves tuft

Processing – a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies


Jungle style, creativity and handcrafted techniques blend with the most advanced technologies to realize WALL LAMPS of the new HORTUS collection.

The making process starts from an iron ‘sheet’, 8 tenths thick, laser-cut in the selected leaf shape and chiselled by hand. The finish is a succession of coats of colour and handmade ‘consumations’ obtained with abrasive wool pads, passed either when the colour is dry or when it’s still fresh, depending on the result to be got. The natural brass spiral, which joins the stem with the leaf, is a precious decoration whose prototype, in resin, was created thanks to the 3D printer that replicated it from the original digital technical drawing. From the prototype then we moved on to casting, a lost wax technique that dates back to 3/4 thousand years BC.



  • EC_TUS01 HORTUS 01
    Cast iron small ornamental vase table lamp with iron laser cut Lemongrass leaves tuft hand decorated, brass squared base.
  • EC_TUS02 HORTUS 02
    Wall lamp with iron laser cut Lemongrass leaves tuft hand decorated, brass rectangular wall plate and spiral decoration.
  • EC_TUS03 HORTUS 03
    Iron laser cut Heliconia leave wall light hand decorated, brass wall plate and spiral decoration
  • EC_TUS04 HORTUS 04
    Iron laser cut Monstera leave wall light hand decorated, brass wall plate and spiral decoration



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