MALIZIA_Angelo Brotto per Esperia, 1973

ESPERIA LUCI | a new collaboration for Mediatike

We are pleased to announce that the collaboration between Mediatike and Esperia Luci has started at the beginning of this year 2023: in view of the Company’s participation to Euroluce 2023 we will therefore work on the Press Office and on Italian and international media relations.

We will embark on this new journey with enthusiasm, and we are honoured to be able to tell not only the story, but also the current events of a brand of excellence that has been linked to lighting design for 70+1 years.
Esperia is the name by which the ancient Greeks originally designated the lands in the West: later the derivative Vespera was used by the Latins to designate Italy.Esperia is also the name chosen for a new manufacturing company that was founded in 1952 in Tuscany, at Poggibonsi: entirely dedicated to the creation of beautiful, innovative lighting items, rich in art and design, this is a young, dynamic company that has all the skills to grow under the impetus of an Italy that rises again after the war.
In the most successful Tuscan district as for the production of glass first and then of furniture, Esperia Luci really grew and in a short time strengthened its position in the lighting sector thanks to major investments both in its structure and in production. The fruitful meeting with Professor Angelo Brotto dates back to these years: the collaboration with Mr.Brotto will lead the company to gain a reputation even abroad and to interact with brands of excellence in the glass sector such as Venini.
Today, after 70+1 years, at Esperia, we are still innovating and investigating any opportunity to design lighting objects that express at the same time beauty, design and all the potential of an increasingly evolved and technology-driven light. Each project is developed along the lines of a short and well-controlled supply chain that brings together the best manufacturers working in the area in the processing of metals, crystal, and glass. In Esperia’s DNA also lies the gene of customisation to meet each and every need of any kind of customers.
Esperia Luci begins 2023 with the presentation of a new catalogue and a new website: the celestial space meant as an inexhaustible source of inspiration constitutes the common thread that, product after product, links Esperia’s history to its future: from man’s landing on the moon to the science-fiction exploration of Mars, it remains human beings’ endless drive towards overcoming their own limits and towards a new conquest.
We are talking about a real contemporary excellence solidly rooted in the productive entrepreneurial territory of Tuscany, a land of genius and beauty.

Some of the products by Esperia among the historical and contemporary ones: timeless Icons: timeless icons that tell of the blend between design and art


Design Angelo Brotto, 1974
Table lamp comparable to a real sculpture. In the history of Esperia, Barnaba represents the definition of a precise and identifiable style. Angelo Brotto designed it in 1974. The creation of this lamp implies the enhancement of three fundamental elements for the brand: the union of glass with brass, the ‘sandblasted’ decoration of the glass and the rings. It is composed of a base within which the light source is enclosed and from which metal rods radiate out in different diameters. On the light source stands a strictly handmade art glass weighing approximately 7kg.
Height: H 68 cm / 27 In
Diameter: 52 cm / 20,5 In
Weight: 11 kg / 24 lb
LIGHT SOURCES 1x E27/E26 Max 30W





Design Angelo Brotto, 1959
Esperia Luci now remakes a floor lamp that Angelo Brotto designed back in 1959. For this one, he drew inspiration from the towers of San Gimignano, universally recognised as the ‘Manhattan of the Middle Ages’. Today, 64 years later, Esperia presents this re-edition of the 6038, which instead of matt black and red, shows a chrome finish and replaces the plexiglass with an acid-etched glass plate. Reinterpreted, but still essentially the same, the 6038 represents the visionary, futurist project of an artist inspired by the beauty that surrounded him every time he visited Esperia. Today this fascination is repeated exactly as it was sixty years ago.
DIMENSION Height: H 180 cm / 71 In
3000k/4000k – CRI>90 – 70W Dimmable


Modern Icons: art and design of light to the present day. A story that is continuing


Design Lab Esperia, 2021
Like the most elegant jewel, this lamp is created to inspire emotions. A lighting object with attention to every tiny detail that redefines the standards of the modern decorative lamp. The choice of materials is its essence: leather (available in an eco-version) combined with brass. Softness and rigidity coexist and enhance each other. Starting from a 10 mm thick solid brass plate, the LEDs are placed inside millings and covered with opaline strips. In the Terra-Soffito version, the brass plate seems literally suspended and supported between the two belts.
Brass Plate 1 Meter / 39 In
Height: Customizable
Weight: 10 kg
LIGHT SOURCES Strip LED DC24V – 44W – Temperature: 3000k Dimmable – CRI: >90 Lumen: 1900




Vega, Design Lab Esperia, 2023
The Vega system was created as a table lamp for jewellery. Fascinated by the design, the company Esperia decided to include an artistic glass in the table version. Thus, the Vega Table was created, inaugurating the range. The artistic glass, which is strictly handmade, weighs about 5 kg and when illuminated from above it lights up like the jewel it was initially created for. From this first item, a complete line has evolved, available in various finishes. The original table display is available with or without glass at the base.
Central Body
35x16x17cm / 13,75×6,25×6,75 In
LED 25W – 3000k/4000k – CRI>90



Pulsar, Design by Cristina Celestino, 2019
“Pulsar is inspired by the graphic signs of the representations of pulsating stars…”
The Pulsar lamp is available in a single or complete version. In the single version the suspension consists of three brass rings in a satin finish with the light source placed in the centre of a hollow glass bubble with sand decoration. In the complete version the suspension consists of as many as 30 rings with the light sources placed inside 4 glass bubbles that provide diffused light and in the central body that, instead, emits a beam of direct light directed downwards. Photo Credits: Mattia Balsamini
Height: Customizable
Ring Diameter: 36 cm /14 In
Weight: 3 kg  – LIGHT SOURCES 1x G9 Led Max: 12W



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