The infinity sofa by Franchi Umberto Marmi formal research, quality materials and design

A clear idea of modernity, involving research, formal harmony and attention to detail, is prominent in the new Infinity sofa by Franchi Umberto Marmi.

Celebrating such a noble and ancient material as marble through design, this new sofa is made with the centrality of the living space and the conviviality of an elegant and luxurious home in mind.
In Infinity, which is part of Franchi Umberto Marmi’s Home Design division, a large natural stone surface is combined with soft cushions made with fine fabrics to suit all settings, creating an overall feeling of comfort.
Infinity is the king of the house, its life and soul, the element around which every moment of daily life and celebration takes place. It maintains its identity over time, enhancing the surrounding space with a precious material to which time adds charm and value.

In the Infinity sofa, as in all Franchi Umberto Marmi collections, we recognise the winning synergy that is created between a marble of exceptional beauty and value and a contemporary design that is immediate in its simplicity, the fruit of those who know the secrets of natural stone well and have their professional roots here as does Eugenio Biselli of Interninow.

Franchi Umberto Marmi marbles, among the most precious stones in the Apuan district, do the rest. With their different veins and characteristics, they have been selected for projects by some of the most well-known architects and interior designers in the world.
In this moment of marble’s happy return to the limelight, both in furnishings and design, the Franchi Umberto Marmi Home Design division collections mark a different step, offering original and unprecedented interpretations of this material thanks to innovative technologies that facilitate its use and indulge the creativity of designers.
Infinity consists of benches 2.5 metres long that can be placed side by side, alternating between seating and the multifunctional surface. The benches can also be positioned as an island in the centre of a room.

The sofa can be made in all varieties of Franchi Umberto Marmi marble and completed with cushions upholstered in various types of fabrics, from fine velvets to outdoor canvases.
Since there is no slab that is the same as another and each one has its own grain and shade, no Infinity sofa will be the same as another. Each piece will be unique, with a choice not only of the marble and fabrics but also of the size.

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