Mattis bed system by Franchi Umberto Marmi: marble is the protagonist in the center of the sleeping area.

The Mattis bed by Franchi Umberto Marmi bears the mark of modernity built on research, formal harmony and proportions.
Designed by Eugenio Biselli to be the focal point of the sleeping area, it is more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture and features an exclusive, elegant natural stone.
The bed conveys the idea of beauty as essential harmony. The bedding project stems from geometry with an original connection between the headboard and the base. The designer conceived the large base of Mattis as if he were an architect or a sculptor. The headboard rises up at the back perfectly fitted to the base. Hence, the bed can be placed against the wall or in the centre of the room, following the latest trends, bringing the bed back to its centrality in the sleeping area.

The large marble surface that characterizes Mattis is dynamic and highly functional, enabling us to experience rest and relaxation with every possible comfort.
At the same time, it celebrates the nobility and expressive power of a marble which, thanks to design, is experiencing a new season of beauty and appreciation. The references to design of the upholstered cushions on Mattis blend with the rules of marble and make it an architectural structure that becomes the main feature in any space, with its own identity.
Dressing this bed with precious fabrics and soft padded cushions is like creating a ‘masterpiece’, enriching Franchi Umberto Marmi’s exquisite, noble marble with details that make the piece even more appealing. An authentic ‘cocoon’ effect that the new style of living requires for all domestic spaces and, even more so, for the sleeping area, where we live our privacy the most.
Finally, customisation. Since block of another, there will never be two identical Mattis beds. Each bed will be a unique piece, each distinguished by a particular veining pattern or a particular chromatic intensity. And that is not all. Each bed, as per the company philosophy, can be customised in terms of size and the selection of marbles.


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