Furnishing in black and white: a refined and perfect choice for any kind of living space

Furnishing in black and white.

“What is opposite is reconciled, from things in contrast the most beautiful harmony is born, and everything is generated through contention.” Heraclitus

Black and white symbolize an original contrast. But if we look just a little beyond, we can discover that they develop a balance between themselves that generates a great visual harmony and a beautiful vibration.

This trend represents a precise stylistic choice especially if we talk about design. And that stimulates our aesthetic sense in a specific direction: to a formal cleanliness and to the search for a refined elegance that knows how to dialogue with the essentiality and planning of our living spaces, beyond any fashion and trend.

The rule is that the opposite poles attract each other. It is true for physics, but it is also true for people and  for the interior living where the skilful combination of light and dark is recomposed in a balance that is never equal to itself and it is always renewed.

WE can choose a total black and white look or we can carefully insert some white or black pieces in a scenario which is perhaps dominated by color. Someone prefers black and white in a optical declination. Some others are purist instead: only white or only black.

Each style favors the preference for black & white: whether it is classic, contemporary, industrial or minimal, it makes no difference. Black and white redefine the character of furnishing elements and objects regardless of their style. The elegance of black and the purity of white declined on the various materials, on different shapes and on many decorations is the perfect choice to connote any type of space with style and personality.

Let’s know it better through the interior design proposals of our brand companies.






GLASS DESIGN – LAP PLUS – Design Karim Rashid

LAP PLUS is a washstand comprising a basin that boasts a spectacular visual effect, it represents a bathroom/cloakroom design solution which is minimalist yet highly functional. Concentric circles ripple out in ellipse formation echoing the oval lines of the basin. And creating a pure optional illusion, a dynamic design guaranteed to instantaneously capture the attention.



CROSS is the new interior decoration solution that will convert your bathroom into a delicate, original and fascinating place. CROSS creates a new atmosphere where wood meets ceramics, in a perfect match of materials and finishes, to convert your bathroom in an emotional, yet incredibly functional space.



MOLOCO is the multifunctional totem with a strong symbolic appeal. Mysterious as a MOAI, this ceramic totem by Artwork Italian Heritage was born as a freestanding washbasin, which can be installed both on the ground and on the wall. But which lends itself very well to being reinterpreted as a large cache-pot, fireplace, lamp or complement furniture according to the logic of multifunctionality. The design is by Fabrizio Batoni.


ZAZZERI – JK21 e TREND X e X-ONE – Design Arch. Fabrizio Batoni

JK21 – The materical contaminations identify JK21 as an extremely original and functional collection, that perfectly fits with any kind of environment. From a professional contract field to a more private sphere, this series reveals a marked vocation to reach the highest level of elegance for luxury interiors.

TREND X e TREND X-ONE – Adding two new knobs, very different one from the other one. And the skilful play of new combinations of trendy colours being applied to a definitely contemporary body which keeps forms and proportions unchanged. This made it possible to carry out the new project TREND X and X-ONE. An operation of restyling/redesign where the simple sequence of forms, finishing and colours allow to perfectly integrate the tap in any bathroom.







MOSCARDINO – A ceramic stool. Ironic and dynamic, Moscardino adapts to any type of space and on any occasion is a small complement that thanks to its clean and essential design is contextualized with the utmost ease. Inside a shop or in a hotel room, MOSCARDINO is the most original seat to intrigue, entertain, fascinate. Available in classic black and white colors, and in other 8 shades suitable to satisfy any furnishing proposal. Fabrizio Batoni design

PEDONE – An original ceramic sculpture, as well as a symbol of the oldest game in the world. An element that diffuses not only light, but also flair and personality within any environment and which represents the most innovative choice of furniture for your home or for a “contract” environment. It can be used as a pure decorative element or as a “light point”, the latter available with a power cord with a 220 V socket and a pedal or rechargeable battery switch. Offered in 4 standard finishes, gold and platinum. In the “light point” version, the upper sphere is available in 4 shades: glossy white, matt white, white marbled and black marbled. The design is by Adriana Lohmann



VOLO –Solidity and lightness. A sculptural table with a subtle, almost ethereal elegance, which enhances the material beauty of the elements that compose it. In front of this object, the sensation is that of flying into space. Volo is the sign of a modernity made of research, formal harmony and perfection in proportions. With the Calacatta counter, the volo table can reach up to 3m in length (H 76cm); the legs, which can be two-tone or monochrome, are enriched with a galvanized bridge detail. Design Eugenio Biselli – Interninow

VASI MINIATURE –A minimal and essential design that maximizes the material in its uniqueness and evokes nature through the use of marble in all its purity. Therefore geometric shapes and proportions for these FUM vases that we find declined in the miniature version using a white Carrara marble veined in black.

Tjandi: design Paolo Armenise+Silvia Nerbi Dimensions: H. 13 cm

Ira: design Paolo Armenise + Silvia Nerbi Dimensions H. 20 cm

Mac: design Luisa Bocchietto Dimensions H. 18 cm



PALM – NOTORIOUS Collection  Design La Récréation – P.Angelo Orecchioni Arch. – PALM console table with lacquered wood shelf, brushed brass structure, two-color glazed ceramic supports and extra-clear glass top. Available in different material combinations. Measures: h.78x160x40 cm

INGRID – NOTORIOUS Collection Design Studio 63 –  INGRID Swivel armchair on metal base. Available with different fabric or leather covers. Measures: h.80x90x100 cm

GOLDIE –  NOTORIOUS Collection Design Studio 63 – GOLDIE B table lamp with double cone shape ceramic base and brass structure. Adjustable light source with elegant silk cord. Measures: h.70x60x14 cm



WORMHOLE is the brass lamp iconic collection by Bronzetto with a characteristic lampshade with a double system of lights, designed to light up the two hemispheres of the space in which it’s located. The collection comes with many different lamp shapes and sizes, from floor lamps (simple, reading or joint floor lamp) to spot lamps and chandeliers, from table lamps to single or joint wall lamps. All the Wormhole varieties can be completely chromatically customized, choosing from different colours and finishes for the aluminium of the lampshade and the brass of the structure. Last but not teast the base can be choosen among the different types of marble bases,from Marquinia black marble to pure Carrara white marble, from Alpe green marble to Emperador brown marble.



RAY is a collection of crystal knobs for interior doors made of 24% lead crystal, entirely hand ground and embellished with interior colors in gold and silver or contemporary colors in black and white shades.



LIGHTBEN Kaos 3DTM is a variant of the LIGHTBEN ™ panel proposed with a polycarbonate honeycomb core and cylindrical cells of variable diameter coupled with external acrylic skins in various finishes and multiple colors. Thanks to its original pleasantly irregular aesthetic appearance, it has gained considerable interest in the furniture and interior architecture sector, not only thanks to these peculiar aesthetic characteristics, but also for its remarkable lightness and rigidity.







PO106 – A whole host of signs, marks and geometric shapes, rigorously in black, filling the light-coloured background, creating a setting that is both dynamic and elegant at the same time. The timeless allure of black&white is developed here in an unusual and playful texture

PO101 – A geometric design with elegant tones. With its decidedly dark background, the light-coloured lines organised in concentric movements provide a stark contrast, creating an optical-style visual effect.



The right elegance for every room and every space with TAP LAB Wall Covering black and white wallpapers. The styles of TAPLAB Black & White wallpapers are many and varied: each black and white decoration offers a different suggestion and makes the environment for which it is chosen unique and special.


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