Glass Design | AQUARAMA, KALICE and KHORUS | Preview Cersaie 2021


The new generation of freestanding washbasins in Vetrofreddo®

Design Vincenzo Missanelli.

Vincenzo Missanelli once again showcases his interpretation of Vetrofreddo®, by designing a new generation of freestanding basins for Glass Design. Three completely different shapes and styles to guarantee maximum visual impact.

The choice of Vetrofreddo®, an innovative material composed of glass pigments and resins, allows for unhindered creativity thanks to its sheer versatility, being adaptable to any shape and available in multiple colourways, both glossy and matt.

This extraordinary material “Vetro Freddo” patented by Glass Design, has given rise to AQUARAMA, KALICE and KHORUS, a trio of captivating floor-standing designs that appeal to all manner of tastes, from contemporary and minimal to modern-classic and opulent.




Floor-standing basin embodying a technical design which highlights its architectural aesthetic: the deep vertical grooves emphasise a chiaro/scuro (light/dark) effect which creates a two-tone illusion despite it being monochromatic in nature. Equipped with a floor-waste, AQUARAMA comes in matt black and matt white as well as a selection of metallic finishes (matt gold, matt dark inox and matt bronze), all with harmonising wastes.




Taking its shape inspiration from a crystal goblet, in particular a champagne coupe, KALICE is not simply a new freestanding model but truly a “dream basin”. A unique and original design, simultaneously sinuous, asymmetrical and flowing, makes KALICE an exquisite addition to any bathroom. Equipped with a floor-waste, it comes in matt or glossy black or white as well as gold and silver-leaf Lux versions.




Characterized by soft contours and a clean contemporary design, the silhouette of KHORUS makes its beautiful yet practical. Created with an elegantly moulded tap/accessories area which sits neatly beneath the rim, KHORUS is equipped with a back-waste and comes in matt or glossy black or white in addition to gold and silver-leaf Lux versions.


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