lampada vetro colorato

In full colour! JACARANDA, the new lamp by Bronzetto

Bronzetto presents JACARANDA, the new lamp born from the collaboration with Jacaranda Caracciolo Falk. Made of coloured blown glass, the lampshade and the structure can be fully customized by choosing from a wide range of R.A.L. available in the company catalogue.



The characteristic glass structure is entirely handmade by blowing the glass into a pre-carved wooden or metal mold, which determines the shape and texture of the bubble. The details and the base are realized in brass instead.


JACARANDA lamp – ph. Francesca Pagliai


To realized the body in basic finishes, such as black and white, the colours are directly mixed into the glass paste before being blown into the mold. But the lamp can be even customized choosing among the wide range of Bronzetto R.A.L. colours. The result is obtained by colouring the transparent glass shapesubsequently, through a 200 ° firing process.


JACARANDA lamp – ph. Francesca Pagliai


Jacaranda collection was born by drawing inspiration from a larger bespoke furnishing project. A request for customization of various products already in the Bronzetto catalogue, to redecorate the Jacaranda Caracciolo Falck property in Capalbio, in Tuscany. A complex project of which the lamp has became protagonist. And that well represents the deepest and most eclectic soul of the Bronzetto. A DNA made of dexterity, experienced craftsmanship and passion combined with innovation and new technologies. Today, in fact, Bronzetto has exceeded the limits of the artisan workshop while maintaining its nature and presents itself as a young company, well adherent to the market and able to support architects and designers in the realization of their bespoke projects.


JACARANDA lamp – ph. Francesca Pagliai 


The tones chosen by Jacaranda, such as petrol green for example, are very warm and full, in perfect combination with the brass inserts in the natural finish, which are added later as well as the base with the spherical feet.

Presented for the first time during the Salone del Mobile 2022, a real capsule collection was born which includes, in addition to the lamps (available to order), coffee tables and coordinated wall lights, characterized by the same coloured glass structure and brass details. Plus, thanks to a brass ring set in the middle of the top, it can transform into a nice and elegant coffee table-tray transportable.





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