A rigorous lighting aesthetic the combines beauty, design and efficiency light as an aesthetic experience. For its participation at Euroluce 2023, Esperia presents Giraffa in the new LED version and in two new finishes specifically designed to celebrate an important anniversary, namely its 70+1.

Giraffa is a floor lamp that Angelo Brotto designed for Esperia in 1971, developing a concept of absolute formal and aesthetic balance, which was already innovative at the time and is still capable today of making us experience light not only as a tool, but also and above all as an aesthetic experience.


For Giraffa Mr. Brotto’s precise and intuitive genius is inspired by the shape of the mobile television microphone and thus creates a floor lamp that will become one of Esperia’s most significant iconic products.

Giraffa LED Edition: detail

Giraffa is an adjustable and extendable floor lamp made of satanized aluminium and with details in chrome-plated brass. A system of counterweights and joints allows the lamp to be positioned in unlimited configurations with extremely versatile movements of the light source.
The very linear and slender structure, balanced by parallelepiped counterweights, fits into the space up to an overhang of 250 cm: this measurement is also the radius of the area that Giraffa illuminates. Giraffa has a radius of rotation equal to 260°.
For this edition of Euroluce 2023, Giraffa, which was originally produced in the satin aluminium version specifically chromed, with details, is proposed in the white version with black nickel details and in the matt black version with chromed brass details. A choice of elegance and refinement that focuses on the essential beauty of two colours that do not follow fashions.




The Master and Professor of Fine Arts Angelo Brotto (Venice 1914 – Campiglia Marittima 2002) began working with Esperia Luci as Creative Director in 1958. In this position he guided the company’s evolution for twenty years following a long path where design and art were indissolubly connected, expressing the remarkable design sensitivity that has distinguished Esperia for 70+1 years.
From the very beginning Mr.Brotto’s approach to light design is characterized by being unconventional and this allows Esperia Luci to include very different lamps in its catalogue, between innovative design and artistic expression, such as the Quasars that very quickly become cult objects among enthusiasts and collectors.

Giraffa – historic photo

In more general terms, with Mr. Brotto, Esperia experimented with many different materials, in particular Murano glass the Professor loved so much, and their most daring and surprising applications. Today the lamps resulting from this unconventional creative union are still included in the Esperia catalogue and they are appreciated by design experts all over the world.

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