Collections by Sbordoni represent a niche of contemporary taste which, as for bathrooms, combines the unmistakable retro style with the unique production quality; they are meant for demanding users who are constantly looking for what is beautiful and well done.
On the occasion of the 2022 Fair, Sbordoni took a step forward and proposes its vision of the bathroom as a project of interior which puts bathroom fixtures near to furniture, coatings, small furniture accessories and all the accessories to be included in what turns to be a real project.

Many the new bathtubs in Solid Surface: an interesting  and contemporary reinterpretation of the classic clawfoot. A new material for bathtubs that are halfway between the most classic of bathroom furnishings and an increasingly marked trend for essential and clean shapes.


It is as precious and delicate as a shell which opens slowly. Livia is one of the new bathtubs offered by Sbordoni made of Solid Surface, an innovative material which combines resistance and easy maintenance with a very pleasant tactile feeling and an easy workability. The surface of Livia bathtub is worked with a very delicate and elegant pattern of grooves making this piece of furniture be statuary and light at the same time: the clarity of milk white colour represents its classic inspiration and is a tribute to a style which is always trendy in your bathroom: day after day its beauty always moves us. It is ideal to be in the middle of the room and it is prearranged for standing bathroom fittings installed on the edge of the bathtub along the long side. Dimensions: cm 170x74xh57 peso 90kg

Livia Bathtub


It is new, fashionable, and sophisticated in a simple way. It is Imperia, the bathtub made of Solid Surface that Sbordoni dedicates to all the fans of the traditional bathtub with small feet who, however, want to create in each bathroom a perfect harmony among different furniture, styles, materials, and finishing. If your bathroom is in a retro style, Imperia represents the essential and minimal component which breaks the mould of total look; if, on the contrary, we are in a bathroom with a modern design, it will be the touch of retro style which adds a romantic feature. Imperia, able to create always new and interesting aesthetical balances, is a freestanding bathtub; it does not need a lot of room and offers a considerable ease of use. The combination with a set of bathroom fittings in an industrial style, like Detroit, is unusual as well as original. Dimensions: cm 168×75 h57 kg 120

Imperia Bathtub


The bathtub is the oldest and most popular bathroom fixture in history. Its origins are very ancient, indeed. As a matter of fact, the Ancients, especially the Romans, considered the bathroom as a place where they could spend a lot of time for body care and cleansing. In a room conceived in thi way a bathtub played an essential role, in the past as well as nowadays: shower means
effectiveness, bathtub means wellbeing and relaxation. Like Flaminia, the new bathtub by Sbordoni: it combines the new interpretation of the traditional clawfoot with the use of a last generation material such as Solid Surface; it is an invitation to give ourselves a moment of relaxation, just for us. Flaminia is a freestanding bathtub with shaped small feet: with a shaped edge and a smooth one, it is perfect to stand in the middle of a room as well as to be moved near the wall. It is classic and elegant, it has the right proportions to be located into a not too large bathroom, too. Dimensions: cm 171x82xh63 kg 107.

Flaminia Bathtub


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