SHIRO’ SKYRAIN is the ceiling shower head which expands and integrates the Shirò collection designed by Zazzeri for the modern domestic wellness.

The new shower head SHIRO’ SKYRAIN, which is elegant and extremely versatile, decorates your bathroom with sophisticated discretion offering, at the same time, several experiences of wellness.
It is made of stainless steel; it is extremely corrosion and oxidation resistant and is suggested with the Glossy Steel and Brushed Steel finishing, with different forms and functionalities.
SHIRO’ SKYRAIN is available in the square form as well as in the rectangular form and it is possible to make a choice among several versions: rain shower head only; with rainfall and waterfall; with rainfall, waterfall and spraying function; with rainfall, waterfall, spraying function and LED RGB, depending on the selected type and size.
The types with LED RGB lights are equipped with a plate with a push button panel for the commands of the chromotherapy available in 7 colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow fuchsia and light blue), with settings on manual or on automatic mode.
SHIRO’ SKYRAIN is the new item proposed by Zazzeri which combines a clean and minimalist design with intense sensorial benefits to experience the shower in the most pleasant way fully respecting water saving.
Sizes: cm 30×30; 43×43; 50×50; 70×40; 80×80

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