Networking is our extra gear: combining skills and professionalism is a choice that we keep renewing consciously every day. We believe that to well and with satisfaction develop the communication projects that our customers entrust us with, nowadays the key is a transparent collaboration with other professionals, trusting each other and without competing.

Our collaboration system is solid, tested and based on the mutual respect for each professional area: within and thanks to the network, innovation and development grown for the benefit of all involved, learning from any different experience. Thanks to these expertise gained over time, today we can describe ourselves as a network of dynamic, flexible and creative communication professionals.

Gek Comunicazione

Art Direction, Brand Design, Digital Marketing and 3D

Lorenzo Borgianni

Photo, image and video

Luca Bossi

Communication Agency, Graphic Design, Web and Art Direction

Massimo Rosati

Art Direction, Design Management, Communication Projects , Social Media Strategist

Studio Flaminio / Communication Boutique

PR, content, design Integrated communication for companies on a geographical axis in between Italy with Poland. PR, content, design

Laura Chini

PR & Strategic Communication Consultant