Our services.

The meaning of an object is a consequence of the design process. Therefore, the end is not the result, but the creative path. Each piece is creation.
(Bruno Munari)

Each piece is also communication. It is not just the object that we intend to communicate: we believe that integrated communication must consider the entire creative path of which products and brands are the final result.

This richness of content can only be enhanced by an articulated and complex work which does not miss any of the wealth of images and messages that make up the life of a company and of all those who make it up.

Press Office + PR Italia e Intl

Thanks to excellent editorial reports and a rich and constantly updated database of journalists, we are able to support our customers in communicating their contents effectively both to the Italian media, paper and digital, and to international ones with the advantage of increasing visibility and increasing authority.

Social Media Management

From the formulation of editorial plans for every different social media and the creation of original content, to the operational management of multimedia platforms and the critical analysis of performance, we synergistically activate this increasingly important and strategic lever, that helps not only to increase the companies knowledge, but also to implement new business models in their behalf.

Brand identity

We flank companies in defining their identity and all the distinctive elements that compose it. Then we support them in communicating coherently this identity towards the various stakeholders. We design communication projects alongside our companies so that nothing goes lost in a creative process in which brands and products are the final piece.

Media Planning

We support companies in selecting the most suitable printed and digital media for their advertising campaign, in order to reach their objectives in conformity with positioning and target audience. Thanks to the excellent relations with both the editorial teams and the advertising agencies, we are able to optimize our customers investments achieving the best result in terms of media presence and audience reached.

Special events

Excite, amaze, create unique moments. This is the aim of our events: to leave a mark, to pass on a message that will be discussed and that will make us remember. Through the organization of dedicated events, inside the companies or in somewhere else locations, we offer our customers the opportunity to consolidate relationships and present themselves in an unusual and creative way.

Story and Video Telling

Describe companies and characters through words and images, capturing the interest of their interlocutors through new and dynamic languages and through signs of style. The aim is to make every experience immediately shareable and usable, enriching it with an emotional plus that makes it exclusive to its audiences.

Dedicated editorial projects

Communicating helps to grow. We also support our clients in growing through the creation of dedicated editorial projects, both traditional and digital, ranging from magazines to catalogues and monographic publications. Thanks to the network of various professionals within which we operate, we are able to flank the development of an editorial project in all its phases: from the graphic and textual design of the project to the research and the creation of images, from production to support in communication and press office.