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To communicate is a natural inclination of all of us, as individuals, as a community, as companies. With the advent of 2.0, the communication process has become increasingly articulated and fast thanks to multimedia that has introduced new languages and technological tools that are increasingly widespread and powerful.

Yet in essence the meaning of the act itself, to spread a message, has not changed: the basic condition is still to have someone who has something to tell and on the other someone who want to listen. In the gap between this two (or more) sources of communication hides the added value: the full belief that our passion, our professionalism and our skills are the right ones to enhance every story, project and product.


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QUICK LIGHTING | Rocchetto Tree

With the series ROCCHETTO TREE nature becomes an integral part of lighting projects for outdoor spaces. Light and nature in harmony for a suggestive and, at the same time, performing experience.   Quick Lighting, an Italian emerging company of the sector of lighting, presents a new dimension where the harmonic forms of plants, trees or shrubs…

QUICK LIGHTING | Passion for the light and its shadows

MEDIATIKE|PR&Media Relation  is pleased to announce the start of the new collaboration with QUICK LIGHTING dynamic and emerging company in the lighting sector     Quick Lighting is a lighting company based in Ravenna. It is specialized in the production of high quality and 100% “Made in Italy” lighting products. A unique manufacturing excellence. Each…


TEOREMA 2.0 PLUS Design Giovanni Calisti + Studio Tecnico Scarabeo   TEOREMA is the timeless washbasin collection designed for Scarabeo by Giovanni Calisti. Its evolution over the years has created an incredible range of multiple shapes that are suitable to satisfy every type of need.   The line is characterized by rigour, elegance and simplicity and…

Marioni | THORN | Preview Salone del Mobile

THORN Notorious Collection   Marioni‘s skill in working with ceramics and the flair aimed at the search for new shapes and figures, which have always been distinctive features of the company, have resulted once again in a new and fascinating collection of vases. With a curious and unusual style THORN is the new series of…


PEDONE: the ceramic sculpture inspired by the exciting game of chess Design Adriana Lohmann Pedone’s concept is inspired by the fascinating world of chess: one of the oldest planning and strategy games known that, through the use of the various pieces, incorporates a very important aesthetic and creative aspect. What could be more creative than…

Marioni | MYTHOS | Preview Salone del Mobile

MYTHOS Notorious Collection – Design La Récrèation-Piero Angelo Orecchioni Arch.   Mythos is the new upholstery system designed by La Récrèation-Piero Angelo Orecchioni Arch. for Marioni. Sofas and seats with pure, almost archaic shapes, where each element is autonomous with the possibility of being composed and decomposed according to functional and aesthetic needs related to the…