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To communicate is a natural inclination of all of us, as individuals, as a community, as companies. With the advent of 2.0, the communication process has become increasingly articulated and fast thanks to multimedia that has introduced new languages and technological tools that are increasingly widespread and powerful.

Yet in essence the meaning of the act itself, to spread a message, has not changed: the basic condition is still to have someone who has something to tell and on the other someone who want to listen. In the gap between this two (or more) sources of communication hides the added value: the full belief that our passion, our professionalism and our skills are the right ones to enhance every story, project and product.


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STEP by Scarabeo | The evolution of an avant-garde shower tray

STEP The  STEP shower tray, conceived, produced and patented by Scarabeo Ceramiche, evolves and enters the market with a wide range of different sizes designed to meet every type of need, both in terms of space and aesthetics. STEP is not a simple shower tray but an “e-gres” surface. It is made in a single block…

Z316_SH | Zazzeri | A new appealing stylistic variant

Z316_SH A new appealing stylistic variant Design by Arch. Roberto Innocenti. Zazzeri, with its natural passion for design and its strong sensibility for the stylistic value which is inherent in each collection, continues its research and innovation path investing resources and energies aiming to develop new projects as well as to complete and to update…

Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier at Brera Design Week

On the occasion of the Brera Design Week, Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier presents an absolute preview of her exclusive interior design project. Milan 5-10 September 2021 Via Formentini, 9 – in front of San Carpoforo Church Brera District In the dynamic and popular Brera district in Milan, where Art and Design converge, we meet…


A SCULPTURE THAT WARMS THE ROOM AND PURIFIES THE AIR AND WHICH ALSO ADDS A TOUCH OF GREAT STYLE TO ANY CORNER OF THE HOUSE ADAM is part of the Artwork Italian Heritage Collection and fully expresses the brand philosophy with its clean and essential shapes. A suggestive design that brings us back to the…


FROM FABRIC TO WALLCOVERING DESIGN FOR A COLLECTION INSPIRED BY THE LANGUAGE OF GEOMETRY AND TAILORING Twill, also called sargia in Italian (from the French sergé), is a well-known fabric and it is recognizable for its particular structure, which makes it different from all the others. In fact, it is the only fabric having a…

Furnishing in black and white: a refined and perfect choice for any kind of living space

Furnishing in black and white. “What is opposite is reconciled, from things in contrast the most beautiful harmony is born, and everything is generated through contention.” Heraclitus Black and white symbolize an original contrast. But if we look just a little beyond, we can discover that they develop a balance between themselves that generates a…