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To communicate is a natural inclination of all of us, as individuals, as a community, as companies. With the advent of 2.0, the communication process has become increasingly articulated and fast thanks to multimedia that has introduced new languages and technological tools that are increasingly widespread and powerful.

Yet in essence the meaning of the act itself, to spread a message, has not changed: the basic condition is still to have someone who has something to tell and on the other someone who want to listen. In the gap between this two (or more) sources of communication hides the added value: the full belief that our passion, our professionalism and our skills are the right ones to enhance every story, project and product.


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Zazzeri | ADI Design Index for the handheld shower JK21

The handheld shower JK21 by Zazzeri has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2020 Zazzeri is pleased to announce that the innovative JK21 handheld shower has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2020. Designed by the Architect Fabrizio Batoni, this cutting edge piece of the collection will be on display at the ADI…

Bronzetto at INDEX DUBAI | May 31-June 2, 2021 |

BRONZETTO introduces Florentine artisanal excellence, beauty and classic style at INDEX DUBAI, the most famous interiors fair that takes place in the United Arab Emirates. The Florentine company will display the branded artefacts coming from the LUXURY FOUNDRY collection where the luster of the gold plated brass, crystals, marble and precious stones stands out. Sumptuous,…

SLIDE, the emblem of versatility and functionality

Scarabeo presents SLIDE, design by EMO DESIGN SLIDE reduces the complexity of bathroom furniture thanks to the use of functional elements. Shelves and lateral supports act as supporting unit for the entire structure. The painted sheet metal, laser drilled supports can receive wooden shelves of different siz. They create open-fronted elements or shelves with an…

Bencore ever more oriented to sustainability with sculptures by Paolo Nicolai

With the production waste the Company supports the artist Carrarese in the development of his project Distopica Art. Nowadays, there is widespread talk of environmental sustainability: it is a matter of awareness that drives all of us to behave morally, protecting the harmony of our planet and preserving its delicate state. But it doesn’t end…

Bronzetto presents HORTUS, where Nature is the protagonist

In the Eclectic collection coming from the Brass Brothers & Co. line by Bronzetto, nature is the main source of inspiration. Small tables and lamps rest on bamboo or wild-rose stems. Owls, tortoise carapaces, horns, snakes and herons are the protagonists of table and wall lamps, recalling fascinating exotic swamps. Brass is processed artisanally to…

MP presents the project BACCANALE

MP presents the project BACCANALE. MP fabrics in contract project creations.   MP, in collaboration with AFA Arredamenti, has contributed in recent years to the creation of the Baccanale concept store, a chain of stores that offers its customers strictly Made in Italy ingredients and recipes to taste on the spot – Just Eat – or…