2023 | Quick Lighting becomes QU and presents the ED POLE lighting system

A new identity and many innovations on the horizon.


Since beginning of 2023 Quick Lighting will be simply named Qu.

A new brand which aims to grow and to increase its visibility in the lighting sector in the fields of interior design, contract, and architecture. An exceptional, versatile, and reliable partner for architects, lighting designers and planners.

A new identity and a new path to take, relying on an operational continuity that guarantees solidity and experience. In 2023, the Qu project is ready to develop further, firmly anchored in its roots and looking to the future.


With this premise, Qu is pleased to present


a stylish lighting proposal, with a minimal design and high versatility.



Qu presents the ED POLE lighting system, an LED floor lamp characterized by a thin vertical stem made of extruded aluminum enclosed by an opalescent polycarbonate diffuser to evenly diffuse the light.

ED POLE‘s minimalist design and versatility make the lighting fixture be ideal for museum and residential spaces. At the top end there is a touch switch system with which on/off functions and dimming up to a maximum of 60W can be managed.

Several finishes are available, from standard Black and White to Bronze and Copper through to Gold, Burnished and Corten. From now on also elegantly covered in leather. In addition, Qu can produce customized ED POLE in any other finish upon demand.




One of Qu‘s strengths, in fact, is its ability to offer all-round support to planners, architects and designers by guaranteeing wide customization possibilities. Through customized lighting fixtures, environments and their spaces gain an additional creative dimension. The customization of light gives added value and represents a true means of enhancing and highlighting architecture.

Sizes ED POLE: H mm 1850 x Base Ø 266 x Stem Ø 55


Qu srl
Established as a spin-off of Quick spa, an international leader in the production and marketing of nautical accessories, Quick Lighting, since 2023 Qu srl,  has distinguished itself in recent years by achieving important goals in the lighting sector through the design, production, and distribution of standard and custom-made, technologically advanced and design-oriented lighting fixtures.
Since the company has reached a significant market share and with a view to further vertical growth of the brand, it started to want to distinguish itself and to become totally independent from the parent company Quick spa and, specifically, from the Quick Marine Lighting division, in order to have a clearer and more distinct perception of the two sectors, which are to all intents and purposes autonomous both at a corporate and production level. Hence the choice of a new identity, Qu instead of Quick Lighting
The headquarters in Qu, in the province of Ravenna, spread over 6,000 m2 and house all the company departments: production, design, mechanical processing and the commercial department.



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