ARIUS COLLECTION, crystal knobs

ARIUS COLLECTION, the allure of crystal knobs by Glass Design

The doors, functional furnishing in the living space, are real design objects able to characterize and customize the environment.

There are many varieties in the market, with regards to both material and structure. A key feature for their use is the opening and closing system. This can also be an essential style detail.

Door knobs are a valid alternative to handles, being able to turn into very precious elements when enhanced by material and crafting processes.

Glass Design, with its long-lasting experience in the manufacturing of traditional materials such as glass, presents three new revolving knobs in lead crystal, which expand the ARIUS HOME collection, entirely dedicated to door accessories.

PRINCESS HOME, MIRAGE HOME and RAY HOME are the three new knobs for interior doors, fashioned from lead crystal, entirely hand-ground. They are embellished with internal colours such as gold and silver or the more contemporary white and black. The bases are available in polished brass, chrome, brushed chrome and black mat. These knobs are complete of key rosettes Patent or Yale or WC turn set.

The same range includes also pull & push handles and furniture knobs with the same design.

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