An all-Italian brand that combines quality craftsmanship, innovative design and unmistakable style
Every self-respecting home finds its highlight in the living room, to be enjoyed at any time of the day and on the most special occasions, respecting the rules of aesthetics and functionality.

Aware of this, Atelier Nieri has been producing high-end sofas and upholstered furniture for over 90 years. Unmistakable characteristics such as manufacturing quality, refined and elegant style, attention and care for details and materials, and, finally, a design which is constantly renewed to align itself with contemporary living trends.
Atelier Nieri’s collections represent the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation: the company’s R&D department works every day to develop products oriented towards a new idea of comfort, deriving from that ancient and artisan knowledge linked to the idea of handcrafted products. It is passion that guides the entire process towards perfection, that absolute expression of a Made in Italy that is appreciated throughout the world as a synonym of quality, distinction and beauty.
Atelier Nieri upholstered furniture tells the story of a family and of a passion that has developed over four generations, passing from father to son, and enriched each time with new suggestions and new visions. But never forgetting the essential concept of beauty and dignity of spaces which constitutes one of the most significant testimonies of the Italian genius and knowing how to do things well.

Sofa Dolcevita

An innovative design, dynamic and distinctive lines. Dolcevita sofa is made with comfortable padding in Memory Foam, the ergonomic material par excellence, capable of self-modelling according to the body, providing the best possible support. Elegance and design are combined with comfort thanks to soft and welcoming lines. The exclusive triangular padded armrest can be replaced by the Trevi armrest, a classic and elegant variant.

Sara Armchair

Sara is a strongly characterised innovation among Atelier Nieri armchairs; it serves as a summary of the greatest principles of style: design, comfort, minimalism and versatility. The slim legs streamline the body of the armchair, which can also feature a delightful combination of leather and fabric.

Tokyo Sofa

Tokyo is the expression of a balanced aesthetic form, of a contemporary and elegant style at the same time. With the special feature of a rounded armrest, the model forms part of a system of modular sofas.
The tall feet streamline the sofa’s body. The large seats and backrest with adjustable headrest contribute to making this model welcoming and relaxing. Tokyo is a clear idea of modernity, made up of research, formal harmony, attention to detail and connection between materials and finishes.Greater comfort, higher density of sofa upholstery. Tokyo has a seat density of 30kg and backrest of 25kg. The innovative backrest movement allows to choose the depth of the seat. Elegant and sophisticated in leather and fabric, Tokyo is available in the 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, armchair, end pieces of different sizes, corner and pouf versions.

Tancredi Sofa


Generous proportions, sensual and sinuous shapes. Tancredi is the absolute novelty of the Atelier Nieri collection. An enveloping and rounded sign recurs in all the modules, with which linear sofas, L-shaped configurations or organic compositions are created.
The fabric upholstery enhances the full and voluptuous volumes. Tancredi transforms any space into a warm and welcoming environment, instilling a pleasant sensation of domestic comfort. Extremely contemporary design. Tancredi is available in numerous versions, to meet any space and style requirement: chaise longue, corner, central elements, pouf. Available in both leather and fabric version, the special feature of this sofa is the careful finish that characterizes each module. The backrest of the central module version is equipped with a mechanism to adjust the depth of the seat.


“Before being a product, Atelier Nieri is a design idea.”
Maurizio Nieri, third generation and current Creative Designer of Nieri Atelier, identifies the foundations of Atelier Nieri in the culture of know-how, in planning, in work ethics and in technical knowledge.
The Company confirms and enriches its creative and qualitative value every day with a unique and distinctive lifestyle proposal, which stems from a multiplicity of products linked to a contemporary taste, but artfully made according to the rules of the artisan tradition that represents the roots of the Company.
At Atelier Nieri raw materials are processed and transformed with skill and creativity until they become the products that rightfully represent the excellence of Italian style and the pleasure of living with exclusivity and refinement.
For this reason, one of the pillars of Atelier Nieri’s production is customization: each sofa, even in its perfection, can be made even more suited to the needs and wishes of the customer. For Atelier Nieri, customization, in terms of dimensions, finishes and details can be achieved in any form, to the point of making each sofa an absolute unicum.

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