Bathroom taps and fittings by Sbordoni: it is not only a choice of style for your bathroom

Quality craftsmanship, customization, and ease of use.
Whenever we talk about bathroom taps and fittings, we know very well that it is never a marginal choice compared with the design of the whole bathroom.
As a matter of fact, we want a tap to be aesthetically pleasing, well done, practical, effective and to last over the time.

Rubinetteria Etruria-Gruppo vasca

The range of taps and fittings by Sbordoni represents all the foregoing and even more: it includes the excellence of Made in Italy, the quality of a handcrafted product, exclusive materials, and precious finishing and, finally, the unmistakable style which, in your bathroom, thanks to Sbordoni, is constantly renewed without ever drying up the creative vein distinguishing it.
The bathroom taps and fittings by Sbordoni are manufactured in Italy fully hand made by Sbordoni’s employees who gained a long experience and who guarantee reliability and professionalism by means of their works.
Each item is manufactured using heavy brass, molten into moulds made implementing the most traditional handicraft method and, finally, shielded by a thick finishing layer (one among the numerous offers by the Company ranging from chrome to pink gold).
For different collections many forms are developed: from the most classical and decorative ones to the ones being more in line with a simple modernity. They all have in common Sbordoni’s passion for beautiful and well-made things and its attention for details and ease of use.
Moreover, the craftmanship of taps and fittings by Sbordoni allows the product to be extremely flexible and customized with the aim to meet any demand, those concerning the “custom made” products too.
12 standard finishing are available, but it is possible to provide special finishing on demand, too, and to match bathroom taps and fittings and accessories. Thus, we will have a real bespoke bathroom telling our taste and our style.

Technical notes: taps and fittings are delivered equipped with big screws with ceramic disks. Each handle can be installed on any typology of the figures on the catalogue. There is a wide choice of finishing: chrome, natural brass, bronze, polished brass, nickel, black nickel, matte nickel, and brushed matte nickel, brownish, gold, pink gold and satin gold and finally matte copper.
Recommendations for use: pressure for a proper functioning 1.5 bar; minimum pressure for functioning 0.5 bar.

TAPS AND FITTINGS ETRURIA: beautiful and practical
Etruria is a free expression of form which, through its name, recalls craftmanship, manual skill and productive tradition which represent the DNA of Sbordoni.
We are stricken by the sound classic style of Etruria as well as by its considerable versatility to be matched with any typology of bathroom fixture.

The typical star shaped handle, and its important dimensions, is ergonomic and represents a classic item of the Italian tradition as far as taps and fittings are concerned.
The range includes: 3-hole washbasin fitting with high spout and drain, 3-hole washbasin fitting with drain, single-hole washbasin with drain, 3- hole bidet fitting with drain, 3-hole bidet fitting with drain and external delivery, single-hole bidet with drain, external bath fitting with flexible hand shower, bath fitting for bath rim with flexible hand shower, built-in ½” tap, built in thermostat with a two-way lever. External duplex bath fitting with sliding bar rod, flexible metal hose, hand shower, arm, and shower head of 150-, 200- and 300-mm. External duplex bath-shower fitting with sliding bar rod, flexible metal hose, hand shower, arm and shower head of 150, 200 and 300 mm.









TAPS AND FITTINGS DECO’ PRESTIGE: an aerodynamic and opulent style

The collection of taps and fittings Decò Prestige offers hexagonal forms clearly inspired by Art Deco style: thanks to its facets, geometrically accurate, it gives precious reflections to the places where it is located, and it adds a touch of refined elegance to each bathroom. Its lines are clean, almost minimalist and make Decò Prestige be a series different than the others of the range of taps and fittings by Sbordoni, perfect for a bathroom in retro style as well as for a more modern and contemporary
bathroom. Details, as usual in Sbordoni style, are extremely well-finished and there is a wide range of customizations.
This series includes the single-hole tap for washbasin, 3-hole washbasin fitting, wall-mounted, for single-hole and 3-hole bidet, wall bath fitting, standing, and built in ½” taps and built-in shower thermostat with a two-way lever. Ceiling mounted shower heads or wall mounted shower heads in different sizes.


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