MP presents the project BACCANALE

MP presents the project BACCANALE. MP fabrics in contract project creations.


MP, in collaboration with AFA Arredamenti, has contributed in recent years to the creation of the Baccanale concept store, a chain of stores that offers its customers strictly Made in Italy ingredients and recipes to taste on the spot – Just Eat – or to buy and take away – Take Away.

The fruitful synergy, which has seen AFA Arredamenti study and fully implement the Baccanale concept, has been consolidated through AFA’s desire to choose MP coated fabrics as the best upholstery for the premises.

All the stores, in fact, furnished with a line of style, a common and easily recognizable format, have multiple spaces dedicated to hospitality where different types of seats and upholstery are identified by dressing MP fabrics with elegance.

Chairs, stools, poufs and sofas were made with Salamanca FR and Tranzerelle FR upholstery, particularly suitable for this kind of use.



Born from the wise commitment to innovation and creativity, it is a precious technical product with a very soft hand and the natural aspect of the “full grain nappa”. In addition, it is a fire-resistant product in compliance with the 1/M and CRIB 5 standards, as well as having an abrasion resistance of 50.000 cycles. The variety of the wide coloring, the technical characteristics and the easy maintenance make it a real PASS PAR TOUT suitable for any use, from community and contract furnishings to the creation of upholstered items and articles in general.



Made of PVC/PU on cotton satin, it is a product of high quality and absolute elegance. Its excellent performance, the brilliance of the rich chromatic variety with a “vintage” effect, the soft and waxy handle, the semi-opaque and “nappa” appearance offer a wide use to those who choose it. Perfect because it follows the guidelines of furniture and comfort in both domestic and contract use.


BACCANALE: Upholstery details

Bench seating characterized by a wooden structure with a dark finish and upholstered with Salamanca FR fabric with metal studs to outline the contours.


Cubic shaped pouf with dark wood structure and Tranzerelle FR covering. Table seats with structure in dark wood and covered in white Salamanca FR fabric


Large wall sofa with seating upholstered in Salamanca FR hazelnut colour and backrest characterized by red cushions made with Tranzerelle FR fabric. The chairs on the opposite side have the same Salamanca FR upholstery as the seating of the sofa, in a hazelnut colour.


Wall sofa upholstered in white Salamanca FR fabric with colored cushions that act as a backrest. All the seats in the room, made with a dark wood structure, have been produced with the same upholstery as the sofa.



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