Preview SIM 2023 | ARTWORK ITALIAN HERITAGE by KERASAN presents ALBERO | Design Massimiliano Cicconi

As Salone del Mobile – Euroluce 2023 previews Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan presents ALBERO.

The originality and expressive power of a ceramic sculpture that radiates light in any setting and the design by Massimiliano Cicconi

Among the novelties that Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan will present at the Salone del Mobile 2023 is Albero, the new ceramic sculpture designed by Massimiliano Cicconi. Albero is an innovative product born not only as a decorative object, but as an element capable of illuminating any type of space, from residential to turnkey projects, through an intimate and welcoming light.
The archetypal essentiality of its forms brings us in time to a primitive forest which we can imagine as dominated by nature and the power of its four elements.

The design of Albero is stylized, but its considerable size makes it a truly majestic and imposing sculpture, a vector of a beauty that exists beyond fashion and time.

Albero is a designer object, authentic to the excellence and craftsmanship that are part of both the DNA and the history of the company based in Civita Castellana.
Ceramics, an eternal and timeless material, protagonist of both the most classic art and the most innovative design, finds in the Artwork collection such a great expressiveness that it brings every object to life. Its ability to give identity and character to any space, also makes it an indispensable furnishing item.


Thus, the ceramic sculptures of Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan take shape from the intuition and passion of those who created them. Their expressiveness becomes an emotion for a user who demands the exclusivity of excellent works of art, a synthesis of an ancient knowledge of the material and an innovative design





Concise caption:

Albero is a sculpture that rests on a steel base which is only 3 mm thick. Thanks to the white LED lights attached to the ends of its branches, it becomes a source of light.
Albero consists of two ceramic elements and reaches a total height of 2.15 m at its highest branch. It is offered in standard and luxury finishes, such as gold and platinum.









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