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Quick Lighting is a lighting company based in Ravenna. It is specialized in the production of high quality and 100% “Made in Italy” lighting products.

A unique manufacturing excellence. Each light signed by Quick Lighting is entirely handmade in its Headquarters: from the research of materials and design concept, to its design, development, engineering, testing, production and assembly in the inhouse manufacturing department. All products are in fact tested in the company’s laboratories to check the light quality, durability and power.

Today Quick Lighting sells its products all over the world and our lighting range, standard or custom, is used in different projects to support every design requirement in both large and small spaces.

Quick Lighting’s passion for the light and its shadows has led it to work with internationally renowned architects, artists, lighting designers and designer engineers who, encouraged by the proximity between development and production and by the constant exchange of ideas, can count on effective collaboration and complete trust.

The Quick Lighting team consists of designers and specialists that designs products always using the most avant-garde lighting solutions in terms of materials and usability, developing aesthetic and technical characteristics to service architectural and technical needs.

And that’s starting from these needs that Quick Lighting conceived its wide range of products, declined in multiple finishes and top quality materials.

Quick Lighting was born as business branch of Quick Spa, an international leader in the production of lighting and technical components in the nautical sector.

The experience of Quick Spa, which brings with it a know-how that has grown over the years in the lighting sector and the use of noble materials and very high IP degrees, has allowed Quick Lighting to grow and become an independent reality.

Hence the construction of the new Quick Lighting headquarters, inaugurated on 1 December 2021 in the province of Ravenna, which extends over 6,000 square meters and houses all the company’s departments: production, design, machining and sales.

All products are made in compliance with international regulations concerning the respect for the person and environmental protection.

The values that underpin our modus operandi in all sectors are innovation, technology, excellence and competence.




In the pictures: Trepponti _ Comacchio
Lighting Design: Arch. Giordana Arcesilai
Ph: Pietro Savorelli


The Trepponti or Ponte Pallotta is certainly the most unique and most famous bridge in the city of Comacchio. It is an interesting brick construction, with a plan set on an irregular and very flattened pentagon, with one side about twice the size of any other. The dimensions of the sides of the pentagon derive from the width of the five channels that concurred to form the intersection dominated by the bridge, for easier communication between them and the overall channel system.


The light scenes, depending on the time slot, are characterized by color sequences



“The idea comes from the observation of the points of view towards the Trepponti and from the one considered the main, the most interesting glimpse, the one from the Ponte degli Sbirri, in the heart of Comacchio. From there the bridge reveals itself to most observers. It was decided to emphasize the architecture by illuminating the watchtowers and the arches above the water, while leaving the pillars against the light. The five stairways and the inside of the towers are also illuminated, enlivening the scene and highlighting its architectural features. A line of light on the right side of the canal anticipates the color changes of the bridge and reinforces its vision.

The light scenes, depending on the time slot, are characterized by color sequences: the first in shades of sunset, the second also but with a strengthening of red tones, the third represents the night, with a more lunar light and therefore tones colder.

Ondaled Trepponti, the Quick Lighting line of light immersed in the canal, starts the light scenes by lighting up slowly.

The project was approved by the Archaeological Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape”

Arch. Giordana Arcesilai



Ondaled Trepponti: The lighting body selected for this project is a flexible and IP68 resin-coated lighting system which, equipped with an appropriate fastening and watertight connection system, is able to remain immersed in brackish water. Ondaled is equipped with a 12 w / m RGBW LED source which allows, thanks to a DMX management control unit, to mix the colors obtaining all the possible colors.


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