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Bronzetto | PERPETUA, the new line inspired by nature | Euroluce 2023

Perpetua was born from the need of Bronzetto to combine its experience in designing high-quality lighting objects with the desire to meet the suggestions of young design talents. This has resulted in a new and extensive line of lighting inspired by nature, presented for the very first time at Euroluce 2023.


Inspired by the precious natural element of water, the new Perpetua lamps fill a design theme towards which Bronzetto, which has long represented the eclecticism of nature in its creations, is particularly sensitive.



New young design talents

The young designer behind the project is Valeria Giuva, student in the Master’s degree course in Design at the University of Florence. She has chosen the drop to simplify the vast world of water with its most immediate representation. Perpetua, in its various versions, is presented in the form of a blown glass drop that hides the true light source, the LED bulb. But it is embellished with a decorative brass element that seems to wrap around the drop.




lampada euroluce 2023



Different textures

The brass has been worked by Bronzetto to develop two different versions: one with a smooth surface, called Clean. And one with a rough and irregular appearance, called Raw.


The clean texture offers a more minimal, elegant, and contemporary overall effect, focusing on the extreme simplicity of the drop concept. On the other hand, the raw texture presents a rough finish that makes it perfect for environments with a more retro taste. Plus, this version features a processing that recalls the concentric and irregular circles of the ripples created by a drop falling into the water. Here, irregular and different waves seem to actually fall on the glass element, covering it in a different way.




Perpetua is available in many different versions: wall and ceiling mounted (single and in a group with multiple elements) or as table and floor lamp.



To further evoke the concept of diversity and movement in nature and all its elements, particularly water, both the clean and raw versions of the brass decoration are proposed in four additional different models. Each one differentiated only by the distinctive decoration of the brass element. The four metal decorations are named after the nymphs of Greek mythology who protect the various water sources: Midi, Pegee, Elea, Limi. A different shape for each shell tells, in its simplicity, the always different and changing result of the water drop falling on objects, surfaces, or natural environments.


lampada euroluce 2023






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