Bronzetto presents WORMHOLE, double system of light

Freely inspired by a twentieth-century lamp model, the name of the collection, WORMHOLE, hides a very deep meaning for the company and its creative director.


It derives directly from the word “wormhole”, that in astronomy indicates the space-time tunnel that connects one universe to another and represents the temporal and conceptual passage between the artisan workshop Bronzetto, deeply connected in shapes and materials to its history and tradition, and the company as it is today, a firm specialized in the production of furniture and lighting accessories in brass and bronze, which combines a renewed use of materials and shapes and the memory and knowledges of the last century, giving life to versatile, modern and contemporary lines, such as the latest brand Brass Brothers & Co.



Grown up inside the workshop and in the Florentine Oltrarno alleys with its historic artisan shops, Simone Calcinai, designer and owner of Bronzetto, is a profound connoisseur of materials and related processing techniques. His curious and creative temperament, has always pushed him to study and explore new boundaries, finding the most disparate sources of inspiration to keep creating new and original lighting and furniture lines such as WORMHOLE, today one of the most iconic collections for the brand.

Absolute Customization

The peculiarity of the lighting products coming from the WORMHOLE collection is certainly represented by the characteristic lampshade with a double system of lights, designed to light up the two hemispheres of the space in which it’s located, in a symbolic parallelism between the past and the future of the company. Available in many different shapes and sizes, from floor lamps (simple, reading or joint floor lamp) to spot lamps and chandeliers, from table lamps to single or joint wall lamps, all the varieties of Wormhole source of illumination can be completely chromatically customized, choosing from different colours and finishes for the aluminium of the lampshade and the brass of the structure, as well as among the different types of marble bases, from Marquinia black marble to pure Carrara white marble, from Alpe green marble to Emperador brown marble.

Special Edition


A special edition of the WORMHOLE lamp has been designed by Florence Balducci, a French artist, illustrator and art director well known above all for her meticulous engravings, usually in black and white with some occasional touch of colour, made with ink and graphite. Florence has customized the characteristic aluminium lampshade of the Wormhole collection with a vivid swirl of minutely detailed and expressive images, depicting dreamlike, fantastic and animal characters, true unique works of art that become collector’s items.

Brass Brothers & Co. – Lightings and details Brass Brothers & Co.® is a new young brand of lightings and furnishings, born inside Il Bronzetto® company, active in Florence since 1963. Brass Brothers & co.® is a project of ideas shared by a group of artisans, designers and creatives. The Brass Brothers and Co. lines sometimes reinvent and contemporize objects from our childhood, the result are contemporary items with a vintage mood and industrial chic design, some others draw inspiration from nature giving birth to objects characterized by irregular surfaces and uneven finishes. Brass Brothers & co.® manufacture is entirely made in Florence and its surroundings, 100% made in Oltrarno, and it is a project in which craftsmanship and pure creativity coexist. It is within this project that Simone Calcinai, creative, designer and owner decides to sign the WORMHOLE line.


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