Glass Design and Tonino Lamborghini | A creative and distinctive partnership

Glass Design and Tonino Lamborghini

A creative and distinctive partnership for a new bathroom collection linked to  luxury and design


Glass Design is pleased to announce the agreement with Tonino Lamborghini  aimed at the creation of a one-of-a-kind bathroom collection.

Glass Design debuts at ISH 2023 with a preview of what will be an iconic and timeless bathroom collection: a combination of clean and sharp lines, dynamic shapes with high-quality finishes, a merge of elegance and styles inspired by the DNA of the Lamborghini family.

Glass Design is an Italian excellence in the production and design of washbasins and interior decoration furnishings. With a long-time tradition in the manufacturing of crystal and artistic glass, has stood out in the recent years, in addition to the use of traditional materials, for the processing of technologically advanced materials such as steel and silicone and for the production of unique and innovative materials such as Vetrofreddo®.

Tonino Lamborghini, since 1981, has been a worldwide ambassador of an all-round Italian lifestyle, which ranges from luxury accessories to furnishings, from food&beverage to electric golf and utility carts, up to branded hospitality with 5-star hotels and resorts, residential and commercial buildings, cafés and restaurants.

Sharing with the brand of Tonino Lamborghini the same values of design quality and aesthetics of luxury, Glass Design has been considered the perfect partner for the development of new captivating projects for the bathroom area.

The aerodynamic and sharp lines, the chromatic details and the reflecting elements of the Tonino Lamborghini Heritage have been reinterpreted by Glass Design giving life to VISION, an iconic collection, with a sophisticated and elegant soul.



Vision Concept
Vision Edition




















VISION is a collection of countertop and freestanding washbasins, fashioned from VetroFreddo: an innovative material composed of glass pigments and fine resins. Creativity has no limits thanks to this material’s main feature of versatility in adapting to any shape and the possibility to draw on a wide range of glossy and mat colours. Besides, it is equipped with an “antiscratch” treatment which keeps the surface intact over time.

The washbasin inside, black coloured, comes with original grooves realized with a particular working process. The outside, smooth and material to the touch, is proposed in the brand-new Sahara Rose finish: elegant and alluring,  finely matching with any wood essence and lacquered tone. The Tonino Lamborghini branded logo, discreetly placed on the washbasin front, contributes to define a strong and recognizable personality in the luxury industry.

A cutting-edge technological detail is the new automatic drain with integrated overflow, which allows the automatic discharge of the water when a certain pre-established capacity is reached.

VISION Concept, countertop washbasin and VISION Edition, free-standing version are proposed with their matching mirrors, creating a truly emotional total look. The mirrors, by fulfilling their function of finely coordinated accessory, with their side LED-lighting system, enhance finishes and shapes.

The VISION collection is launched on the market with a strong and uncompromising style: a geometric composition where the matter develops in trapezoidal shapes creating taut and convergent surfaces. Luxury and design merge into a collection with a striking and distinctive personality.


Dimensions: – VISION Concept mm 586x400xH170 –  VISION Mirror mm 526x37xH900

– VISION Edition mm 587x400xH900 –  VISION Mirror XL mm 660x37xH2000




Glass Design is an Italian excellence in the production and design of washbasins and furnishing accessories. Located in Vinci, the heart of Tuscany and the city of “Leonardo da Vinci”, Glass Design was founded in 1984 by the Borsellini family, after many years of experience in the manufacturing of artistic glass. Over 200 Tuscan artisans and about fifteen Murano glassmakers belong to the company’s production chain, allowing each product to be adapted to specific needs and requests, with infinite customizations, thus creating unique and exclusive products.


The Tonino Lamborghini company was founded in 1981 by Tonino Lamborghini, heir to the Lamborghini family. Today, the company is based in the splendid ‘Palazzo del Vignola’, a Renaissance villa on the outskirts of Bologna designed by the famous architect Jacopo Barozzi, known as ‘Il Vignola’. Drawing inspiration from his family heritage and his professional experiences in the field of mechanical engineering and automotive design, Comm. Lamborghini has created a ‘lifestyle experience brand’ with a wide range of luxury products: watches, eyewear, leather goods, mobile phones, perfumes, furnishings, clothing, sports accessories, golf & utility carts, beverage products, 5-star hotels, real estate projects, branded cafés and restaurants. For more than 40 years, Tonino Lamborghini has interpreted a universe of Italian style, remaining faithful to the tradition and history of the Lamborghini family. All products are distinguished by the ‘Charging Bull’ symbol on a red background.
 We would like to remind you that the companies of Comm. Tonino Lamborghini and the “Tonino Lamborghini” branded products are not connected in any way with the company Automobili Lamborghini, now owned by the Audi-VW Group, founded in 1963 by Cav. del Lavoro Ferruccio Lamborghini, father of Tonino Lamborghini. Thank you.


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