restayling casa Firenze

IL BRONZETTO and the project of an entirely Florentine house 50m from Santa Maria del Fiore

When you choose to buy a house in the historic centre of an Italian art city, all the parameters that are usually taken into consideration, such as the budget, the room’s number, the presence of an elevator, etc., are completely overturned. And this is what the protagonists of this story learned after deciding to fulfil their dream of living in a house located in one of the most important historical streets of one of the most beautiful Italian cities: Florence.

The search, which lasted almost two years, ended when by chance they came across an apartment of about 205 square meters in a former 15th century convent, just 50 meters from the Florence Cathedral. A space that perfectly represented what the concept of home was for them. Living up to that moment in a totally contemporary design environment, the owners were looking for a historic home that ‘told’ the past, where reinterpreting a classical atmosphere according to their taste.

restayling casa Firenze


The interior restyling project


The renovation project has been entrusted to the Florentine architecture studio MIMESI62. Even though they stands out for a more modern, minimal and essential inclination, the design followed the classic taste of the customers. After one year of works, blocked for months due to the pandemic, the renovation of the residence was completed in February 2021 but with no structural intervention.


However the apartment has seen an important restyling of the interiors, inspired by the atmosphere of the Parisian houses. Alongside the wainscoting and the pastel tones of walls and tapestries, antique pieces are perfectly integrated, recalling the styles of the various eras that the house has seen over the years.



Furniture all Made in Florence


The property remained loyal with the characteristic Florentine context of the house not just from a stylistic point of view. But also in the choice of furnishing and lighting the residence with classic items coming from Florentine artisan workshops and antique shops.e.


restayling casa Firenze

Eighteenth-century fireplace in the heart of the house


The element that played a fundamental role in the selection of original antiques and classical Florentine style accessories and lightings realized by Bronzetto, is the eighteenth-century fireplace. As the director of a silent orchestra, this structure influenced the restyling of all the other elements of the living room, dining room and bedrooms. Restored and functioning, the fireplace is characterized by the Rococo architrave, finely decorated with floral friezes and supported by Ionic-style columns. And for the wonderful shaped brass plate made to measure by Bronzetto according to the customer’s design as an elegant protection for the original oak parquet.




Wall lamps, picture lamps, bouillotte with three lights and floor lamps belong to the LUXURY FOUNDRY and TIMELESS collections by Bronzetto. As well as some purely decorative bronze objects like the Novecento brass and glass trolley. An original piece of furniture with a strong aesthetic and functional component, thanks to the double storage shelves.


restyling casa Firenze


The bouillotte placed in the studio and the Reggia floor lamp, both from the Luxury Foundry collection, recall the style and the designs of the architrave of the fireplace. But we can also finds these original motifs in many antique pieces all over the house such as the head of the bed, the hall mirror and the 18-light chandelier that dominates the dining table. Or in the decorations of the arm of the Novecento wall light that overlooks the bathtub in the master bedroom. A classic lighting item from the Bronzetto Timeless collection.



The white wainscoting and the ‘relaxing’ shades of the walls and the precious upholstery have been deliberately chosen in a palette of cold colours: from light grey to sage green. While the darker tones and the warmer atmospheres are entrusted to the Cuba mahogany of the imposing late 18th century English table. And to the shades of gold and natural brass of the various lighting accessories.

Classicism, Florentine style and strong relationship with the local artisan tradition are the guidelines of the entire restyling, even if is not missing a touch of modernity and technology.


Laminem, a very high performing marble sand paste ‘enhanced’ by other chemical compounds that makes it highly resistant to scratches and washable with any type of product, has been chosen for floors and tops in bathrooms and kitchens. Even this markedly modern choice as as classical reference. In facr Laminem to an untrained sight, looks like Calacatta Carrara marble. Its dark gray streaks with golden touches and the GEOMETRIE L166 star suspensions, original of the historic Florentine noble residences, complete the circle, creating a continuity with the classicism of the hall.


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