Glass Design interprets the color pink, tinting the bathroom with romance and balance


Defined by Pantone Color Institute as one of the trendy colors for 2022, pink is perceived as a positive color. It is capable of transmitting elegance and calm, recalling a certain sense of security and optimism towards the future.

Often associated with flowers, pink is the color that wants to represent rebirth and resilience and in a particularly difficult global historical moment we are experiencing. As demonstrated by nature that, after cold and dark winters, there is a new beginning and bloom.

Abandoned the stereotype of purely feminine color, today the shades of pink have become universal for all those who want to feel complete freedom and in peace with the world and with themselves.

Glass Design interprets the different shades of this fascinating color through a series of iconic and design products that provides the bathroom with a romantic and elegant allure. A regenerating balance of shapes, colors and positive sensations.



Taking its inspiration from the eclectic and creative world of fashion, the new DAME free-standing basin – designed by Vincenzo Missanelli for Glass Design – ressembles an elegant dress that surrounds the body in sinuous curves. Its silhouette, characterised by soft voluptuous contours, draws the eye and highlights its shape and beauty.

In the same way the colour of a dress reflects character and personality, DAME is available in various tones to appeal to any taste or desire: Jour (white) and Nuit (black) finishes are perfectly in keeping with contemporary minimalist bathroom/cloakroom settings; gold-leaf (D’Or) and silver-leaf (D’Argent) versions exude luxury and splendour; red (Rouge) provides its customary bold and seductive aesthetic.

The influence of the world of fashion will be further embodied in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections which will see DAME launched in limited-edition versions with different colour-ways to reflect the prevalent trends.

Fashioned from Vetrofreddo, DAME is a unique and captivating piece which becomes even more eye-catching when teamed with the matching mirror to create a harmonised ‘total look’. The latter features LED side illumination that accentuates the finish resulting in a creation that is elegant, feminine and timeless.

DAME dimensions: Height 900mm – Diameter of basin (top) 450mm – Diameter of basin (floor level) 260mm – Depth of basin 143mm



Glass Design’s long-standing and profound knowledge of glass and crystal acts in perfect synergy with Karim Rashid’s daring artistic decorations and what emerges is a futuristic and luxurious basin selection. It is a series that is “digitized”, refined and elegant in equal measure. One of a kind.

The ability of Karim Rashid, designer of Egyptian origin, known for his innovative graphics and patterns that give a sensation of surface movement by means of continuous abstract designs with a digital and futuristic element, meets Italian specialists Glass Design whose experience and expertise in the design and production of washbasins and bathroom furnishings has long been applauded.

This explosive combination of skills has led to the development of decorations with new colours that are revolutionary to the bathroom.

The MAREA collection is previewed with the decorations in the brand new and exciting colors LAVENDER , POWDER PINK, SAGE GREEN, SKY BLUE and YELLOW. Washbasin made of glass with silk-screen decoration. Measurements: mm Ø 400 x h.150




The Metropole washbasins feature a stunning decorative surface evoking the glass and metal of today’s urban environments.

Made entirely by hand, these exclusive items are the fruit of hi-tech research combined with traditional craftsmanship and display a colour scheme which is particularly on-trend in design circles. Matching bathroom accessories in the same finishes are also available.

Dimensions: Katino Metropole D399 h146mm – Round Metropole Ø34, Ø40, Ø44




The latest fruit of the now well-established collaboration between Glass Design and multifaceted designer Karim Rashid is BUBBLE. It is a wonderfully captivating washbasin fashioned from Siliconio®, member of the new generation of silicone materials.

Featuring an oval shape with a widened base, BUBBLE is a countertop model celebrating elasticity. Indeed, Siliconio® is extremely versatile, providing great design potential as well as tactile sensation. Soft, bendy and sensual it can be stretched and flexed, always returning to its original form on release. It is also water-repellent, accident-proof, resistant to extremes in temperature (between – 60°C and 250°C), ‘washable’, fire retardant, non-toxic and offering unparalleled chemical resistance.

It is the perfect washbasin to bring immense personality to a bathroom setting and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in four high impact colours: pink, yellow, sky-blue and lavender, BUBBLE can certainly be described as a “touch design” product par excellence.

Dimensions: Length 503mm, Weight 4.5kg



With the SLIDE collection, Glass Design underlines once again its creative and eclectic identity: perfect shapes and geometries, the slimmest of rims (only 4 mm) and countless finishes result in a combination of elegance, luxury and modernity. Pushing tecnichal boundaries with a formula that favours creativity as well as functionality.

The brand new SLIDE washbasin, fashioned from VetroFreddo, is in fact available in 5 models of different sizes, each of which comes in 17 different finishes: from MAT versions (White, Cedro, Powder Pink, Sage Green, Avio, Tortora, Fumo and Black) to GLOSS (White and Ferrari Red), from LUX LEAF (Silver Leaf, Gold Leaf and Copper Leaf) to captivating OLD METAL variants (Old Brass, Old Copper, Old Bronze and Old Dark Inox).

The wide range of SLIDE mix-and-match combinations offers the maximum in creative freedom, the end-result being a contemporary, elegant and unique bathroom.

Dimensions: Slide 60 (cm 60×40) – Slide 50 (cm 50×50) – Slide 44 (cm 44×44) – Slide 40 (40×40) – Slide 34 (cm 34×34)



TONDO PLUS is a key element of the new UNIKO programme which comprises a series of metal wash-stands fashioned from stainless steel and featuring integrated towel holders and shelves.

This collection has been designed with the idea of offering within a minimal space requirement, a functional product with the essence of a ‘total look’.

TONDO PLUS is perfectly suited to both private residential and contract environments. It is characterized by compact spaces where the use of streamlined decor is crucial in order to facilitate freedom of movement.

The TONDO PLUS washbasin is made from VetroFreddo®, an innovative material consisting of glass pigments and resins in a choice of different finishes. The same finishes are also available for the coordinating shelves, tumbler/soap holders and mirrors. The steel frame comes in Matt Black, Matt White and Old Brass options.

Dimensions: cm Ø 36.5 x h.15 Washbasin –  cm 46.5 x h. 88.5 UNIKO Wash-stand structure




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