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MAGRITTE – Design Studio63 – Preview MDW


Qu presents MAGRITTE, a family of lighting fixtures with a minimalist and elegant design. Conceived as a collection of reserved objects, each type of element is capable of being perceived in a sophisticated and at the same time discreet way.

Fruit of the creative mind of Massimo Dei, founder of Studio63, MAGRITTE was initially born as a solution for outdoor environments and has evolved into a complete and diversified collection of lamps suitable for multiple contexts, indoors and outdoors.

Made of die-cast aluminium, MAGRITTE light sources stand out for the simplicity of their shape: a timeless design that respects the language of nature and spaces.

Different versions are available, from table lamps to floor lamps, from appliques to ceiling suspensions up to e outdoor solutions.

One of Qu‘s strengths, in fact, is its ability to offer all-round support to planners, architects and designers by guaranteeing wide customization possibilities. Through customized lighting fixtures, environments and their spaces gain an additional creative dimension. The customization of light gives added value and represents a true means of enhancing and highlighting architecture.

More than a decade of experience translates into care for finishes, galvanic protections, outdoor insulation treatments and lighting performance tests. The company’s objectives are quality and reliability, supporting an almost total reduction of waste thanks to a production that constantly tends towards sustainability.




A floor lamp born from the natural evolution of the Magritte Series, with which it shares the simplicity of the design while maintaining its unique style. Ideal for a timeless reading illumination, Magritte Floor features an 8W light source and an aluminium body which comes in different finishes in order to perfectly blend in with the environment.

Measurements: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 1348



Magritte Table is a discreet and elegant table lamp. The smoothness of its luminous flux combined with its high lighting performance and small dimensions make Magritte ideal for both a work table and a bedside table.

Measurements: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 297








Looking at the world upside down. Magritte S is a provocation, an asymmetry, a new story to tell. A ceiling lamp with indirect light designed to illuminate what is usually in the shadows, to enhance what is hidden and to play with light. Magritte S, thanks to its high-performance in-house engineered 8W CRI >90 circular light source, is perfect for any ceiling height thanks to the kit (supplied) featuring a pole clamp or a cable clip.

Measurements: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 675












Magritte Wall and Magritte Mini Wall are wall lamps made of die-cast aluminium which comes in multiple finishes and can also be customized. Its iconic and elegant design makes Magritte ideal for indirectly illuminating different types of environments. The 8W LED source and the proprietary PMMA lathed optics reduce efficiency losses of the light source to the absolute minimum.

Measurements Magritte Wall: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 86

Measurements Magritte Mini Wall: Ø lamp mm 110  x H mm 97






Magritte is a sober item that discreetly draws the attention if placed outdoor. It is a floor lamp with a very simple, timeless design that respects the language of nature and spaces. Measurements: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 660

Magritte Mini is the smaller version of the iconic Magritte. Its high lighting performances perfectly combine with even more discreet dimensions in order to achieve design continuity. A special painting cycle, the same one applied to all Qu products, makes it possible to obtain extremely resistant textured finishes. Measurements: Ø lamp mm 200 x H mm 360









A circular lighting experience

17 – 23 Aprile 2023
Temporary Showroom @ Via Cernaia 7
Brera Design District


Art Direction: Aldo Parisotto, Parisotto+Formenton Architetti
Lighting Design: Fulvio Baldeschi, Light Company




Qu srl
Born as a spin-off of Quick spa, international leader in the production and marketing of nautical accessories, Quick Lighting, since 2023 Qu srl, has distinguished itself in recent years for having achieved important goals in the lighting sector through the design, construction and distribution of standard and made-to-measure, technologically advanced and design lighting equipment. Having achieved a significant market share and with a view to further vertical growth of the brand, the desire was born to distinguish itself and become totally independent from the parent company Quick spa and, specifically, from the Quick Marine Lighting division, in order to clear and distinct perception of the two realities which are to all intents and purposes autonomous both at a corporate and production level. Hence the choice of a new identity, Qu instead of Quick Lighting. The headquarters in Qu, in the province of Ravenna, spread over 6,000 m2 and house all the company departments: production, design, mechanical processing and the commercial department.


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