RAM FR e CARTAGENA FR, the new MP fabrics – 23/02/2021

RAM FR and CARTAGENA FR, the new MP fabrics.

MP, is a well established Tuscan company operating for over 60 years in the textile processing sector, specialising in the production of coated fabrics.  They are particularly appreciated in the fields of Interior Design, Contract, Nautical, Outdoor and Fashion.  We have pleasure in presenting the new collections RAM FR and CARTAGENA FR.


RAM FR Is a type of fabric characterised by a particular finish that gives the item a shiny, aged appearance with a typical old British style, and a distinctive compact waxy handle.

Made of PVC/PU on cotton satin with a “kidskin” grain, it is presented with a colouring in warm and natural tones, ideal for further enhancing the elegance of this product. RAM FR is designed for domestic furniture, but also to furnish hotels, restaurants and communal areas in general.  Excellent fire resistant characteristics enables the product to achieve the highest standards of certification in the EU market.



CARTAGENA FR is a fabric that stands out with it’s pleasant soft touch and ‘Nubuck’ effect. The resistance and technical characteristics makes this article a versatile product for use in the contract business, for elegant upholstery, seating and sofas, but also for other furnishing components.  Excellent fire retardancy characteristics enable this article to obtain the most important certification in the EU market.

This product combines a “natural” Nubuck effect with a very high resistance to abrasion, a rare characteristic for this kind of product. Made of PVC / PU  on heavy 100% cotton satin backing, this article is characterised by a soft “Buffalo” grain with a three dimensional effect enhanced with a tone-on-tone printed effect.


The research and develpment of the colour range is based on modern and current colours captured from the latest trends and directions in the Interior Design and fashion worlds.

All MP articles are produced in a huge variety of colours, from the classic to the most glamourous and trendy. The MP website www.mp-spa.com offers the chance to find, and download every 3D texture available in all the collections, and to “dress” and apply through a three dimensional configuration process, the selected product in the chosen colour.

MP produces within its facility, dozens of types of synthetic leathers with all the references managed as a stock service.  It means an immediate availability combined with the chance to offer a cut-length service to achieve sampling or prototypes. The stock collection is enriched and integrated with the chance to achieve customized and exclusive articles through colours and designs developed and produced to our clients request.

With a combined technically advanced and flexible approach, Mp grants very high quality standards with an easy and fast service, focused on its clients full satisfaction.

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