Twill, also called sargia in Italian (from the French sergé), is a well-known fabric and it is recognizable for its particular structure, which makes it different from all the others. In fact, it is the only fabric having a frame with diagonal lines of 45-degree slope due to a particular weaving of weft and warp threads.
Its characteristic “herringbone” pattern determined the success of Twill all over the world, where it is appreciated especially in men’s shirts, due to its particular fabric frame, which enhances the brilliance and vivacity of the colors, especially in plain-colored outfits.

What about the awesomeness of the Twill fabric transferred on a covering?

We can enjoy it in the new Twill Collection by TapLab Wall Covering, thanks to the collaboration with Dainelli Studio, which was inspired by the magical complexity of warp and weft, and transferred the same appeal on wallpapers obtaining an aesthetic result of great cleanliness and elegance.

The geometry of the English twill with its characteristic “herringbone” pattern creates a remarkable light and dark geometric play on paper, thus showing a graphic motif with a strong visual impact and a very material appearance, even in its rigorous simplicity.
From the simplest variant, where the dark stroke draws the pattern on a pure white canvas, to the more optical ones, where the timeless combination of black&white plays the role of the main character with some gray incursions, getting to variations dominated by chromatic combinations of natural tones. Each covering from the Twill collection shows a taste for decoration perfectly balanced between design and innovation.
TapLab Wall Covering method in the development of this collection together with Dainelli Studio was a tailoring one, original patterns were created and reproduced on coverings with great skill and craftsmanship, according to TapLab customs. The result is a fresh collection with a strong character, giving personality to any type of living space; a collection aimed at interior decorators and architects, but also at private customers attentive to lifestyle trends.
High quality reproduction of each pattern from the Twill collection can be obtained on every TapLab finish, that is to say on LabTela vinyl covering, LabJewel, or LabGlassfiber.


Dainelli Studio was founded in 2007 by Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, a couple of designers and architects respectively specialized in product design and interior design. Their studio, based in Milan, realizes interior projects for public and private spaces and has active collaborations with prestigious companies in the world of furniture including Arketipo, Fendi Casa, Fiam, Frag, Boffi Brothers, Gallotti&Radice, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Giorgetti, Lema, Mogg and Porada. The continuous aesthetic and formal research, distinctive feature of Dainelli Studio, is realized in a refined design, attentive to proportions, and to harmony among shapes, colors, materials and finishes. Each project, in fact, shows a deep design culture combined with the knowledge of industrial and artisanal techniques and production processes. The ability to dialogue at the same time, both with the environment and with the individual product, thanks to the different know-how of Leonardo and Marzia, allows to give life to every element necessary for the construction of a completely customized project, from the individual custom-made object to the total look of a complete habitat.



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