Winter Mood for the whole house furnishing

How to dress our home in a perfect winter or Christmas mood?

When the cold starts and the holidays are approaching, we all feel the need to give our homes a special mood thanks to warm and sparkling finishes and ad hoc designed furnishings, which bring renewal and give new light to our living spaces. Where the idea of ​​contemporary comfort and suggestions for new bright accents that warm up the atmosphere of the home are accompanied by attention to detail and a careful selection of materials and craftsmanship that tell of excellence and never forgotten traditions, magic is born.

Whether it’s retro inspiration or contemporary design, it doesn’t make much difference: this selection of objects and furnishings dedicated to the winter season and the Christmas holidays offer some original and inspired variations of the classic reds, golds. Unexpected blacks and blues, interpreting in a traditional and original way, or refined and minimal, the magical and festive atmosphere that invades the house on holidays.

Space for imagination and creativity in the name of the winter mood.




The GEOMETRY 157 geometric brass and glass chandelier by Bronzetto is inspired by the linearity of geometric shapes and their infinite combinations in three-dimensional space. Available in various finishes of your choice, the peculiarity of this chandelier is the ability to duplicate and triple itself in vertical developments in Small, Medium and Large sizes. The Timeless collection contains classic and timeless lamps and chandeliers with clean and essential lines. Modernity combined with tradition makes these chandeliers a perfect piece of furniture for any environment from the most classic to the most modern. In nickel and chrome finishes for contemporary offices or minimal kitchens, in amber or natural burnished brass finishes for a softer and more sophisticated decor.




The exclusive collection of parfum diffusers Royal by Glass Design made of glass and available in the very elegant glossy gold finish.

Useful and very elegant, they have a geometric workmanship capable of giving a touch of light to any corner of the house. In a limited edition, only 50 pieces, the proceeds will be donated to Fondazione Casa Santi Arcangeli onlus .
Measures 8.5×8.5xH.18cm











Each Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan work is the result of dialogue with the four elements of nature. Water and earth, air and fire. An alliance with nature that supports and favors every creative impulse, giving life to real works of art. Starting from clay, Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan shapes exclusive, non – replicable ceramic sculptures. First of all, water, a fundamental element within the production process, allows ceramics to be modeled according to tastes and style ideas designed to enrich any environment.
Even the air element plays a substantial role in the creation of Artwork products and finds a particular place among the functionalities of the products.

Albero is in fact a large sculptural nebulizer and aroma diffuser which is also a beautiful piece of furniture designed for both indoors and outdoors.
Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan is pure synergy between design and function, between craftsmanship and customization, between nature and man.







From Il Bronzetto an infinite series of brass knobs from the most diverse inspirations to personalize every corner of the house.

In fact, knobs are fascinating, fun, eclectic objects that can literally amaze us when with their different shapes and infinite details they help to personalize our home.

Il Bronzetto has a very wide range of brass knobs, both for doors and entrance doors and for furniture with various functions. All made with craftsmanship and a lot of creativity. The knob has an unquestionably practical function: it helps to open or close a door, a flap or a drawer, but with its discreet presence it also gives a special character and value to the element on which it is located. Attention to detail is a very important aspect when you want to create a warm, intimate and unique environment.
In addition, brass is a resistant material, easy to clean, antibacterial and antimicrobial and this, in the case of knobs, is important because they are touched often and by many hands.

The creativity with which these small ‘works of art’ are created in Bronzetto satisfies everyone’s needs. For those who love originality, for those who let themselves be inspired by the natural shapes of animals or flowers, for those who love the simplicity and immediacy of geometry. Just one detail and each room acquires a different and pleasant look.




The Michelangelo console by Sbordoni Ceramiche is a ‘classic’ of bathroom furniture production. In this elegant and refined version we find it made of Nero Marquina marble with a black ceramic under-counter washbasin. The marble top is treated with a glossy water repellent to guarantee its maintenance over time and can be combined with the 3-hole washbasin mixer from the Margherita collection, in a classic and sinuous Oro Chiaro finish.

Sbordoni supplies all the bathroom furniture. Here the Savoia mirror, with brass profile and float glass inserts. This type of processing gives life to a product that can have various colors, from slightly green, extra-clear, bronze, blue or super transparent (what is commonly called crystal), perfectly smooth with the possibility of being subjected to various processes such as decoration, grinding, bending, stratification, coating. Sbordoni mirrors can be made on request in special formats such as the finishes.



Complements are those accessories that complete an interior project, characterizing them with stylistic elements with a traditional flavor or modern shapes. Made with typically Italian talent and flair, each object is cared for the smallest detail to convey to its user the philosophy of Marioni collections: territoriality, materiality and manual skills. Three precious values that together perfectly define the unmistakable and unique essence of the company. Luxury vases, elegant flowerpots, magnificent centrepieces and sumptuous sculptures are available for a demanding clientele, looking for 100% made in Italy creations.


LOVE LETTERS centerpiece from the Notorious collection by Marioni: hand painted ceramic centerpiece based on an original design by Arch. P. Angelo Orecchioni.


SNAKE vase and cup from the Concept collection by Marioni: elegant objects for the home made of glazed ceramic with internal white finish and external platinum decoration.

CACATUA parrot from the Notorious collection by Marioni: original ornament in the shape of a parrot made of two-tone glazed ceramic, available in different colors and decorations.

SQUARE box from the Concept collection by Marioni: large square box, with band, in crackle-effect glazed ceramic and metallic decorative element. Available in different colors and motifs.

CHLOE centerpiece from the Notorious collection by Marioni: particular sculpture with sinuous shapes made of ceramic and available in different colors and finishes.




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