novità prodotti in marmo

Marble what a passion!! Here our proposals.

In The Life of the Caesars Suetonius reports a phrase that Emperor Augustus used to pronounce: ‘I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble’.
That’s the perception of marble left us by history. Marble is the noblest natural stone and has always been associated with the idea of magnificence and durability: marble expresses timeless elegance and solidity.
Today the contemporary scene is quite different: natural stones are experiencing a moment of strong revival. A second youth for this wonderful material, new protagonist of our daily life thanks to advanced technologies and processes. And even thanks to an increasingly sensitive design, flexible to the external stimuli coming from the stone and its possible applications.

Marble in the interior design world

From sculptures and impressive classical architectures to the lightness of design and interiors, the step was not short. Nowdays many architects and designers choose marble for their projects, interpreting it in an innovative way and expressing their preference for a material that nature gives us in all its uniqueness. A material that over the centuries has never ceased to fascinate and touch us.
Marble thus leaves its traditional areas of use, such as coatings and floors, and enters the world of furniture and interiors with the most diverse proposals for a completely new suggestion.

So for our spaces and our homes do we choose a total look in marble or do we prefer to insert a few, but significant, marble objects and furnishings? A nice dilemma! We like to think we can help you with a series of proposals from our customers in the name of marble or what appears to be marble but it’s not!


Interior & Home Design


novità prodotti arredo in marmo sofa

Franchi Umberto Marmi celebrates such a noble and ancient material as marble through design. The new INFINITY sofa is made with the centrality of the living space and the conviviality of an elegant and luxurious home in mind. Part of Franchi Umberto Marmi’s Home Design division, it is the king of the house, enhancing the idea of ​​a large natural stone surface that is different every time, unique in its excellence. The sofa is the element around which every moment of daily life and celebration takes place.

Infinity consists of benches 2.5 metres long that can be placed side by side, alternating between seating and the multifunctional surface. The benches can also be positioned as an island in the centre of a room and made in all varieties of Franchi Umberto Marmi marble.




table lamp with marble base
  Blossom Camelia floor lamp

Bronzetto tells us the story of Florentine bronze masters who have been able to combine creativity and over 50 years of experience in the processing of  precious materials such as bronzes and marbles. About a wide range of lighting accessories and furnishing elements that combine style and timeless elegance.


Strongly inspired by nature, BLOSSOM CAMELIA is the brass floor lamp with an adjustable arm and oval marble base that recalls the movement of a flower in the wind. The combination between the different materials and the distinct shapes and sizes of the base and lampshade (with the cylinder cut asymmetrically) give an unusual and original look to the lamp.

Blossom Camelia is completely customizable in color and finishes of both the structure and the internal and external side of the lampshade. The marble base is available in Black Marquina, White Carrara and Green Alpe.


WORMHOLE is the most iconic brand collection. This lamp comes with a marble base and a lampshade with a double system of lights, to light up the two hemispheres of the space in which it’s located. Available in many different shapes and sizes, from floor lamps (simple, reading or joint floor lamp) to spot lamps and chandeliers, from table lamps to single or joint wall lamps.

Wormhole is entirely chromatically customizable, choosing different colours and finishes for the lampshade and the structure, as well as among the many distinct types of marble bases: from Black Marquina, to White Carrara and Brown Emperador.




 TAPLAB Wall Covering_Marble Collection


It looks like marble, but it’s not. MARBLE is the wallpaper collection designed by TAPLAB Wall Covering that can be declined in a four colors palette, including the inevitable White Carrara Marble.

MARBLE is the result of an all-natural inspiration that aims to bring the infinite suggestions of Nature and its various elements to the walls of our homes and living spaces.
Ideal for any type of environment, from the living room to the bedroom, this particular wallpaper be applied even to the kitchen, bathroom and the outdoors, but with a special care to the necessary precautions and treatments required during the setting phase.






Speaking of furnishing, we can’t forget to mention GARY of Notorious collection by Marioni. A light brushed brass structure coffee table that holds up two high impact materials like marble and glass. The perfect fusion between artistic craftsmanship and contemporary
design. Elegant rectangular or square coffee tables with brass structure and back-painted glass elements and marble top. Available in many different combination of materials.


tavolino in ottone e marmo


TYRON is the unusual collection of original and refined tables characterized by a strong material component that is identified in the pleasant combination of materials of different nature. The shelves are in lacquered wood with brushed brass inserts.

The lower supports, in addition to being different in shape and positioned
perpendicularly, are one in metal completely open and the other insolid marble. Also available in Ebano and Rosewood finishes.


Bathroom furniture


lavabo in marmo e vetro
Extreme basin, with White Carrara Marble


Marble enters the Glass Design portfolio. Charming and pliable despite appearances, the beauty of this natural stone is captured in the introduction of new editions of KOOL, SKYLINE and XTREME. Products that are truly ‘one of a kind’.


Their aesthetic value is elevated yet further due to the unique nature of every
single piece. The peculiarities of marble, such as its colour and vein disparities created by geological events through the ages, allows for veru original products, with no two basins ever being the same. The choice of White Carrara, White Calacatta and Black Marquina has been strategic as much for their elegance as for their rele vance in terms of current trends.


The exquisite teaming of a solid marble base and sides in bevelled glass enhances the elegance and the simple preciousness of Extreme and Skyline basins, true example of a timeless Made in Italy craftsmanship,




Bathroom accessories are also important. They enrich and embellish the environment giving a touch of style and accuracy

Rubinetteria JK21 con inserti in marmo
JK21 collection with marble decorative inserts

That’s the reason why Zazzeri designed for the JK21 stainless steel collection a wide range of decorative inserts in different materials and finishes including natural stones such as White Carrara, Black Marquina and Classic Travertine. Characterized by a classic and balanced style, JK21 taps collection can be used in any type of environment for an elegant luxury interior, both in the pr ofessional hotel sector and in the private one, with
both modern and classic connotations.
Available in different PVD finishes (Carbon, Antracite, Bronzorame, Copper, Cognac and Orobianco), in addition to the brushed version of steel.


Marble inserts even for the Z316 faucets collection, entirely made of AISI 316L steel. The three hole battery, designed for both countertop and recessed mounting, offers fascinating alternatives to traditional steel hand levers. In addition to the MEC version, also made of steel but with a process reminiscent of
mechanical gears, Zazzeri offers natural stone hand levers in the White Carrara, Black Marquina and Classic Travertine versions.



Living outdoor


Small or large, in the city, in the countryside or by the sea: our garden reflects the inside of the house, a real open-air living area that has to be easy and functional, as well as beautiful and comfortable.


From the quarry that is the symbol of Carrara comes an outdoor collection that enhances all the beauty of marble with clean, minimal elements. The BETTOGLI collection by Franchi Umberto Marmi consists of a sofa, armchair and chaise lounge. Here the elegance of statuary marble literally embraces you thanks to the continuous line of the back and armrest system. Rigorous and essential, this collection emphasises the noble strength of marble and, at the same time, offers an almost unusual comfort, assisted by the seat cushions and furnishings. A warm and exciting embrace welcomes you when you sit on Bettogli.


idee e novità per vivere gli spazi esterni
Statuary marble sofa, armchair and chaise lounge coming from the collection Bettogli by Franchi Umberto Marmi



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